how to do not allow tracking in yoast seo

What is usage tracking in Yoast SEO?

Our usage tracking tracks which other plugins you use and which theme you use. We try to test with the most commonly used plugins used by Yoast SEO users. To do that, we need to know which plugins are the most commonly used by our users, which is why this tracking is important to us. Your privacy is important to us!


How do I hide my website from search engines Yoast?

Noindex your page

The right way to keep a page out of the search results is to add a robots meta tag. We have written a lengthy article about that robots meta tag before, be sure to read that. Adding it to your page is simple: you need to add that tag to the section of your page, in the source code.


How do I disable Yoast SEO schema?

All you have to do is to go to snip -> Settings and check the option Remove Yoast schema.


What happens if I deactivate Yoast?

Uninstalling the plugin does not remove Yoast SEO data from your database so you can safely remove and reinstall the plugin without losing any of your hard work. For the health and safety of your site, we recommend making a complete backup of your website, including the database file, before removing a plugin.


What is MonsterInsights plugin?

MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. With MonsterInsights, you can easily connect your WordPress site to Google Analytics in just a few clicks. MonsterInsights helps you to discover how visitors find and use your site, so you can keep them coming back.


Is MonsterInsights plugin free?

There are two versions of MonsterInsights: MonsterInsights Lite is free, whereas MonsterInsights Plus/Pro/Elite is paid. With MonsterInsights Lite, you can use the plugin for free.


How do I hide my website from search engines?

3 Ways To Hide Content From Search Engines
Password Protection. Locking a website down with a password is often the best approach if you want to keep your site private
Block Crawling. Another way to stop Googlebot from access your site is by blocking crawling
Block Indexing.


How do I stop search engines from finding me?

You can prevent a page or other resource from appearing in Google Search by including a noindex meta tag or header in the HTTP response. When Googlebot next crawls that page and sees the tag or header, Google will drop that page entirely from Google Search results, regardless of whether other sites link to it.


How do I hide my WordPress site from search engines?

This is the fastest way to hide your entire site. Go to Settings, scroll down to Privacy, and select whether you want your site to be Public, Hidden, or Private. Select Hidden to prevent search engines from indexing your site altogether.


How do I add FAQ schema to Yoast?

How to build an FAQ page in WordPress via Yoast SEO content blocks
Open WordPress’ new block editor. Make a page in WordPress, add a title and an introductory paragraph
Add questions and answers. After you’ve added the FAQ block, you can start to add questions and answers to it
Keep filling, check and publish.


Could not fully remove the plugin WordPress SEO WP SEO PHP?

Plugins can be found inside the WP-Contents Folder. In most cases, when you’re using FTP, it will be inside /wp-content/plugins. Inside the plugins folder, look for the plugin you couldn’t remove. Then, right-click on it, and select delete.


Should I use MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is genuinely the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It’s easy to use and offers a ton of features that will help uncover insights about your audience. Plus, its reports are clean, simple, and user-friendly, so you can find data to make business decisions and no longer work on your best guess.


Is MonsterInsights useful?

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics WordPress plugin out there. You get more features, tracking options, and user-friendliness than any other WordPress analytics plugin. This makes MonsterInsights totally worth it. And that’s it!


Is MonsterInsights safe?

A Trusted Plugin with Over 2 Million Active Installs

MonsterInsights is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and is trusted by millions of users all around the world.


Do I need Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights?

With MonsterInsights, it’s really easy and quick to set up Google Analytics on your WordPress site. All you need to do is to create a Google Analytics account and connect it with your WordPress site. It takes just a few clicks to complete the whole setup process.


What is Google tracking ID?

Find your “G-” ID

At the top of the Property column, select your property. In the Property column, click Data streams. Click the data stream for which you need the ID . Your “G-” ID appears in the top right.


How does MonsterInsights work?

MonsterInsights Behavior Report shows you exactly how people find your website, which keywords did they search for, who referred them, what did they click on your site, and more. You can use these insights to uncover low-hanging fruits, new partnership opportunities, and the right areas to focus on!


How do I keep a website private?

In the Home menu, click Settings. Click Site Availability. Select Public, Password Protected, or Private. Click Save.7 days ago


How do you make a hidden website?

To make a secret page, you’ll simply go into your dashboard and go to Pages > Add New. On the right of the screen, you’ll see an area that says Publish. There you’ll see Status, Visibility, Revisions, etc. Click Edit next to Visibility and go to Password Protected.


How do I remove my website from Google search results?

How Do You Remove a Website From Google Search?
Log into Google Search Console.
Click Removals.
Click New Request.
Type your URL in and click Next.
Click Submit.