how to do seo for a bilingual website

Providing your site’s content in multiple languages helps you grow your potential audience and increase your conversions. In fact, if implemented correctly, it can also improve your site’s overall SEO ranking. If you have the right translation tool, you won’t even need to know a second language yourself to do it.

How can I do SEO for International website?

The strategy can be divided into 5 steps:
Estimate your potential in your target countries.
Analyze the competitive landscape.
Conduct an international keyword research.
Localize your brand.
Decide on the main technical aspects.


How do you handle multiple languages on a website?

Here’s a short checklist of best practices for multilingual optimization:
Translate URLs.
Research long-tail keywords in different languages.
Use only high-quality translations.
Translate meta descriptions.
Use hreflang tags.
Use plugins with robust multilingual SEO.


Does language affect SEO?

Providing your site’s content in multiple languages helps you grow your potential audience and increase your conversions. In fact, if implemented correctly, it can also improve your site’s overall SEO ranking. If you have the right translation tool, you won’t even need to know a second language yourself to do it.


Why multilingual SEO is important?

Multilingual SEO allows your website to prepare for the foreign market. Optimizing the website means the respective search engines will be able to pair up with your targeted SEO keywords. These are the same words that your potential customers usually use to find related products or services on the web.


What is Multilingual SEO?

What is multilingual SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it helps people find your content online through search engines like Google. Multilingual SEO involves incorporating localized keywords and search terms in your translated content to ensure it can be found by users in their native language.


What is the difference between local SEO and international SEO?

Local SEO focuses on locally searched keywords to be able to get traffic to a website.
International SEO vs Local SEO.
Factors Local SEO International SEO
Content Needs Low as you are only focussed on one region High as you have to create unique content for multiple websites even if you are selling the same services
3 more rows


How do I serve a page with contents in multiple languages?

To change the language, just simply set the lang attribute. We can define it anywhere in the document, such as in the body, in the paragraph, in the heading, or in the span tag. But the best practice is to set the lang in the span tag.


How do I make my WordPress site bilingual?

Simply go to the Appearance ยป Menus page and click on the ‘Language Switcher’ tab in the left column. Now select the languages you want to display and then click on add to menu button. You will now see languages added to your WordPress navigation menu.


How does Google handle page titles in multiple languages?

Google Multilingual Title Algorithm Update

Rather than displaying the page title in search results as it’s written, Google will rewrite it in the language that’s used in the main content. That means you can 100% expect to have your page titles rewritten if they contain more than one language or script.


Does Google Translate affect SEO?

If your website manager uses Google Translate to generate raw copy in a foreign language and then publishes the content on your website without any human revision or editing, your website SEO strategy will be severely affected.


Which search engine is well supported with multiple languages?

Google was identified as the regular search engine with the best multiple language support [1]: Google held an indisputable first position compared with other search engines. Google supported 37 different languages.


Is Google Translate good for websites?

Poor Quality Translation

Quality content is important in any language. Unfortunately, quality content is not important to machine translation technology. There are countless websites dedicated to the errors Google Translate produces because it doesn’t understand words, grammar or syntax.


How do I target multiple countries on Google?

Click Products on the navigation menu, then click Feeds. Click the + icon to add a new feed. Select the new Country of sale and Language. Click Add under Add more counties to add the countries you want your product data to be shown in.


What is international SEO?

International SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can easily identify which countries you want to target and which languages you use for business.


Can URLs be in other languages?

Dashes are usually a little bit easier to recognize. And if your site is available in multiple languages, use the appropriate language in URLs for content in that language. So to sum it up, yes, non-English words and URLs are fine, [and] we recommend using them for non-English websites.


What is localized SEO?

Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google. Any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area can benefit from local SEO.


What comes under technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively (to help improve organic rankings).


Why is local SEO important?

Benefits of local SEO

Better online visibility: Local SEO activity, such as citation and link building, increases your online visibility. That makes your business more easily discoverable by new customers. More in-store foot traffic: Greater local visibility brings more foot traffic to your bricks-and-mortar location.


How do I make a multilingual page?

To add a page to an existing multi-language group:
Hover over the page and click the More dropdown menu, then select Add to multi-language group
In the dialog box, click the Select a primary page dropdown menu and select the primary page in your existing group.
Click Save.


How do I make a multilingual HTML page?

keep track of a list of phrases and translations for each of the three languages.
provide the correct list of phrases to polyglot based on user input.
use an html data attribute to store the phrase name in the html.
hard-code the default translation in the html.