how to enable seo friendly url in opencart

And now that nearly 40% of ecommerce traffic comes from search engines, OpenCart store owners are increasingly turning to one of the most effective marketing strategies for driving traffic, leads, and sales: OpenCart SEO.

Is OpenCart good for SEO?

And now that nearly 40% of ecommerce traffic comes from search engines, OpenCart store owners are increasingly turning to one of the most effective marketing strategies for driving traffic, leads, and sales: OpenCart SEO.


How do change my homepage URL in OpenCart?

How to change Opencart URL
Log into your cPanel account.
Open File Manager menu located in Files section:
Navigate to the root folder of the Opencart installation, right-click on config.php and used Code Edit option:
Open the file and edit its source code online.


What is SEO URL in OpenCart?

OpenCart allows the use of search engine optimized URLs for product, category, manufacturer and information pages. SEO keywords are defined per product, category, manufacturer and information page, stored in a database table (url_alias), looked up at each page request, and translated into an internal URL.


Which is better WooCommerce or OpenCart?

The Verdict: Although WooCommerce itself doesn’t have as many extensions as OpenCart, the platform offers a huge number of WordPress plugins. Therefore, if you want to experience a shopping cart with more multi-functional extensions and plugins, WooCommerce is a better choice.


Is OpenCart good for eCommerce?

Yes, OpenCart is an open-source eCommerce platform that offers you the necessary functions to start your online business with a low running cost. Especially, you can fully take control of your site, thanks to OpenCart’s great flexibility and customization.


Is OpenCart better than WordPress?

The clear winner here is OpenCart, as it has plugins for everything an online store can possibly need. WordPress has a WooCommerce plugin that I’ve found inconvenient and too complex, though it also has lots of additional plugins for everything from shopping carts to delivery management functionality.


What are the advantages of Shopify over OpenCart?

Is OpenCart suitable for you?
Benefits Drawbacks
Eye-catching eCommerce templates and design Requires effective and professional web building skills
Free of charge Advanced features require extensions
Support multiple languages and multiple currencies for users Slow checkout experience
6 more rows


Which is better Magento or OpenCart?

Magento requires more advanced technical experience but it is more powerful than OpenCart. If you have a bigger budget and a large store that is growing fast, Magento is better than OpenCart. OpenCart is better than Magento for smaller businesses because it is more beginner-friendly and more cost-effective.


Is OpenCart completely free?

OpenCart is completely free, open source software.


Is OpenCart real or fake?

OpenCart is an online store management system. It is PHP-based, using a MySQL database and HTML components. Support is provided for different languages and currencies. It is freely available under the GNU General Public License.


Is OpenCart a CMS?

OpenCart is a popular content management system (CMS) for online stores. It can be easily set up on any hosting that supports PHP and MySQL. The CMS is freely accessible through a GitHub repository and is supported by Daniel Kerr, a famous developer.


Is WooCommerce an OpenCart?

WooCommerce and OpenCart are two completely different eCommerce solutions. WooCommerce is more scalable, has steeper learning curve and offers more themes and modules. OpenCart is good for beginners who wish to create an online without spending much time and effort.


What is the difference between OpenCart and Magento?

Magento is a large platform with lots of function and tools. Both Magento and OpenCart has designed for large online stores. OpenCart is a big platform, but it is not equipped with as many tools as the Magento. In every term, Magento is better than Opencart, but if you are beginner, Opencart is right for you.


What is the difference between Shopify and OpenCart?

Both OpenCart and Shopify are excellent platforms for building your eCommerce store. However, OpenCart is an open-source solution, and you will have to take care of the domain, hosting, and other arising issues yourself. Shopify, on the other hand, is a hosted cart.


Is Shopify better than WooCommerce?

Shopify has better sales features than WooCommerce

Having features in-built and ready to use makes Shopify more accessible “ important features like abandoned cart recovery are vital to any big business, and that’s just one thing WooCommerce doesn’t offer.


Is OpenCart secure?

OpenCart, like some other CMS, can be called a relatively secure platform. However, as with other content management systems, it is better to immediately take care of the security and protection of your site from hacking by unauthorized persons.


Should use OpenCart?

OpenCart is quite user-friendly when it comes to managing the store, the products, orders, and basically anything that’s going on. The admin interface itself is really nice and clean-looking. As you can see above, the dashboard gives you access to some cool stats and gives you a good overview of what’s going on.


What is better than Magento?

The Best Ecommerce Website Builder Magento Alternatives are:

Shopify: Best Ecommerce Website Builder. Wix eCommerce: Best for Small Shops. BigCommerce: Best for Large Businesses. Squarespace Commerce: Best Designed Templates.


Who owns OpenCart?

Daniel Kerr
Daniel Kerr, founder of OpenCart, one of the world’s top e-commerce software suppliers, saw a market gap in the technology of e-commerce and decided to make it his niche. A seasoned software engineer, Kerr started working on his own e-commerce software in 2007, before launching the start-up in 2012.


What is the most stable version of OpenCart?

0.0 as “thekroktek” say is the best and most stable version.