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how to match shopify and bigcommerce url for seo

Negative reviews help you show that your business is responsive, trustworthy, and real. As long as you handle it properly, you might get a consumer that stays with you for life. The more happy customers you have, the easier your marketing and SEO becomes because you’ll have less mistakes to deal with.

Does BigCommerce integrate with Shopify?

Sync Shopify customer data, automate your entire order processing. Do much more by connecting BigCommerce and Shopify.


How do I optimize SEO on BigCommerce?

BigCommerce SEO ” 10 Essential Tips
Register your BigCommerce store with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools
Ensure your BigCommerce store loads quickly
Optimize your page titles
Use headings properly
Use engaging meta descriptions for your pages and products.


How does BigCommerce compare to Shopify?

Shopify is best for larger businesses, but BigCommerce is better for very large stores that are only selling online. Both platforms offer tailored, powerful solutions, but BigCommerce is equipped to handle larger scale omnichannel growth.


Is BigCommerce good for SEO?

BigCommerce comes with built-in SEO features for your online store including: Optimized URLs: These will be auto-populated for you with SEO-friendly URLs for product, category, and other pages. The platform also gives you the option to alter your URL settings.


Who is Shopify’s biggest competitor?

The best Shopify competitors on the ecommerce scene are:
Square Online.


Which platform is best for ecommerce?

The Top 6 Best Ecommerce Platforms
BigCommerce Best all-around ecommerce platform.
Zyro Best price for a full online store.
Shopify Best for your first million in revenue.
Squarespace Best for cornering a niche market.
Wix Best for stores with fewer than 100 products.


How do I update my sitemap in BigCommerce?

xml for BigCommerce stores. The xml sitemap is located at


Is BigCommerce headless?

Is BigCommerce headless? The short answer is yes! BigCommerce is a comprehensive ecommerce platform that provides a range of services and functionality.


Is BigCommerce good for small business?

With an affordable entry-level plan that’s packed with features, BigCommerce is a great option for small businesses and new shop owners. It’s an excellent choice for those that already use a third-party payment processor and want to keep it.


Why is Shopify better than other platforms?

With over 1,200 apps, specialized features such as inventory tracking and shipping tools, and a range of price plans, Shopify is a powerful platform to choose. It can be used by any sized store, and is extremely scalable.


How can I do SEO for Ecommerce website?

Let’s take a look at our checklist for ecommerce SEO:
Pick the right keywords.
Conduct competitor research.
Focus on homepage SEO.
Simplify your site architecture.
Optimize product pages.
Use responsive design.
Reduce page load speed.
Create backlinks.


How do I increase organic traffic on my ecommerce website?

How to Drive Ecommerce Website Traffic Organically
Leverage SEO
Use Social Media
Utilize Email Marketing
Take Advantage of Local SEO
Use Show-Stopping Visuals
Start a Referral Program
Create Quality Content
Run an Affiliate Program.


How online stores improve SEO?

Mastering SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites
Identify the right keywords to include in your product pages.
Give your page titles, meta descriptions, and images some love.
Organize your store’s website in a simple, logical way.
Make your website mobile-friendly.
Create a link-building strategy to drive organic visits.


Will Shopify go up 2022?

Outlook. Shopify expects the full year 2022 revenue will grow at lower than the 57% revenue growth rate it achieved last year. Investors should have expected the weaker guidance. It does not have Covid-19 triggered acceleration that lifted ecommerce growth in the first half of 2021.


What is the future for Shopify?

Consensus estimates indicate that Shopify’s sales will reach $6.1 billion this year, translating to 31% growth year over year. By 2025, the company’s top-line is expected to hit $13.9 billion, representing an average annualized growth of 25% from 2021 revenue.


How much does Shopify take per sale?

Shopify also takes 1.6% of each online sale, and 20p. You are getting a lot for your money. This is for established businesses that have achieved a certain amount of ecommerce success, and want to grow further.


What is the number 1 eCommerce site?

1. Amazon. Amazon is not just the top eCommerce sites in USA, but it is also the most popular eCommerce site in the majority of other nations. Amazon was founded in 1994 as a modest eCommerce site that sold books.


Who uses BigCommerce?

Sony. Sony is one of the big brands that use BigCommerce in their tech stack
Ubisoft Store
Black Diamond


What is the fastest eCommerce platform?

And now we are coming to the most intriguing result of our comparative study disclosing the fastest e-commerce platform. On average, Shopify is the fastest platform of our investigation 0.7 second ahead of Magento and Prestashop, while WooCommerce stays on the last position.


How do I add a sitemap to BigCommerce?

1. Log in to Google Search Console and select Sitemaps (if you have multiple sites attached to your Google Search Console account, make sure you have the right site selected). 2. Enter your BigCommerce sitemap URL in the Add a new sitemap field and select Submit.