how to optimize itunes podcast seo

Summary of SEO for Podcasts. Its easy to assume search engine optimizations aren’t important for audio-first mediums, but times have changed. With Google actively scanning audio content for context, these SEO for podcasts best practices is an important growth strategy.

How do optimize podcasts for SEO?

9 Ways to Optimise Your Podcast for SEO
Conduct keyword research
Make your content useful & concise
Provide timestamps
Optimise your episode titles for SEO
Write detailed podcast episode descriptions
Repurpose your podcast into blog posts
Get guests to share your podcast
Publish consistently.


How do you rank higher on Apple podcasts?

What does it take to increase your Apple podcast ranking?
New & Noteworthy.
Featured Collections.
Choose a memorable name for your podcast.
Encourage your listeners to review your podcast.
Create attention-grabbing cover art.
Promote your podcast on social media.


Does SEO matter for podcasts?

Summary of SEO for Podcasts. Its easy to assume search engine optimizations aren’t important for audio-first mediums, but times have changed. With Google actively scanning audio content for context, these SEO for podcasts best practices is an important growth strategy.


How do increase traffic to my podcast?

8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Podcast On Social Media
Social media promotion
Share episode updates
Pin your episode to your page
Create stand alone images
Tease the audience
Reshare, reshare, reshare
Use stories to your advantage
Launch day.


How do find keywords for a podcast?

Appear as a Guest on Top Podcasts
Check Out the Competition. Once you’ve found a keyword you think will work, Google it to see what’s already on the first page
Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment. Don’t worry if you feel like all your searches during research are a bit random
Create Written Material for Your Episode.


How do you choose keywords for a podcast?

Brainstorm keywords that describe your podcast.

Typically, a podcast has a specific goal, as well as an audience niche. Consider what makes your content unique and make a list of keyword ideas. Remember to stick to keywords that are relevant to your show.


How often does Apple Podcasts do their rankings?

With Apple Podcasts Charts, listeners can easily explore the Top Shows and Top Episodes available at that moment. Organized by market, charts can be filtered by category and are regularly refreshed throughout the day. By default, each chart displays the top 200 latest results per market across all categories.


How does Apple Podcast algorithm work?

It’s a carefully contracting ranking based on multiple factors. An algorithm calculates each factor for each show to rank shows. The list changes constantly, though many of the shows at the top remain there for quite some time. It’s no secret that podcasts that appear higher in the podcast charts get more listeners.


Is there an algorithm for podcasts?

The most important ranking factor used by the Apple Podcast algorithm is the number of subscribers and their growth rate! Ratings and reviews do not play a direct role in the top 200 lists. However, they are an indication of a show having a real and engaged audience.


How does SEO work for podcasts?

Podcast SEO is a subcategory of audio SEO. It’s the type of audio you use to rank for search terms. You could otherwise use a webinar or an audiogram, but they likely won’t work as well as a podcast. That’s because Google now features a Podcasts section on its SERPs.


Is doing a podcast worth it?

Not only is podcasting a new and exciting medium poised to take off exponentially, but podcasts themselves are great for producing or reproducing content. If you already have audio or video classes, you can quickly and easily turn them into podcast episodes.


What are podcast tags?

Tags are descriptive words or phrases that summarize your show’s content. They’re often used on your podcast website to help your audience find specific episodes. Your tags can be as broad or as “niche” as you want them to be, though a good mixture of the two is usually the best route to take.


How many downloads should a podcast get?

more than 26 downloads, you’re in the top 50% of podcasts. more than 72 downloads, you’re in the top 25% of podcasts. more than 231 downloads, you’re in the top 10% of podcasts. more than 539 downloads, you’re in the top 5% of podcasts.


How many podcast episodes should you launch with?

Launching a podcast comes with many decisions, one important one being how many episodes to publish on your launch day. At Gaffin Creative, we encourage all of our podcasts to launch with at least 3 episodes!


How often do podcasts fail?

Less than 20% of the podcasts that have launched this year will make it to next year. Most podcasts fail. If you’ve launched a podcast or are thinking about launching one, you don’t want to put in all that work just to see your experiment get canned in a few months.


Are podcast descriptions searchable?

Podcasts show up in Google searches

The indexing of the podcast will return the audio content that you can consume directly. There is also the potential for Google and its services to analyze the audio and automatically transcribe it to highlight a podcast in relevant search results.


How do research a podcast?

How to organize research for your podcast episode
First, add any existing notes. You probably know a lot about your chosen topic or guest already
Save links to articles & news
Save quotes & data
Collect video & audio
Collect important images
Collect research on the go
Connect the dots.


What is the 1 podcast in America?

1 The Joe Rogan Experience

In 2009, Joe Rogan launched The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which became one of the most popular podcasts in the world.


What are the most popular Apple podcast categories?

In 2020, Religion & Spirituality was the most crowded top-level category, followed by Society & Culture . The least crowded categories include several Sports categories: Volleyball , Swimming , and Rugby . Also near the bottom of the list: Mathematics and Crafts .


How do know my podcast ranking?

You can check your podcast rankings in three ways: Apple Podcasts, Chartable, and Podkit.