how to remove .php from url using htaccess for seo

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How do I remove a .php from a URL?

How to Remove . php from URL in Apache/WordPress
Open htaccess file. Open terminal and run the following command to open . htaccess file
Remove . php extension from URL
Restart Apache web server. Restart Apache server with following command $ sudo systemctl restart


How do I remove .php extension from address bar?

This will check PHP mod rewrite extension is enabled or not in our server. If it is enabled then itMore
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Remove PHP Extension from URL using .htaccess – YouTube


How do I remove a .php from URL in cPanel?

The steps to remove file extensions are:
Login to your cPanel account.
Go to File Manager “ in the FILES Section.
In the File Manager go to the Settings button on the top right corner.
On the Preferences window that will appear, check the Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) option
Now navigate to the .


How can I change PHP extension to HTML using htaccess?

Under this file first we have write rewrite engine on this rules will check mod rewrite extensionMore


What is .htaccess file in PHP?

htaccess is a configuration file for use on web servers running on the web apache server software. when a . htaccess file is placed in a directory which in turn loaded via the Apache web server, then the . htaccess file detected and executed by the Apache server software.


How do I hide file extensions in URL?

You can now link any page inside the HTML document without needing to add the extension of the page as no extension will be visible now in the URL of the website. The search engine may index these pages as duplicate content, to overcome this add a meta tag in the HTML file.


How do I remove .htaccess extension?

How to remove file extensions from display via htaccess
Log into your cPanel.
Find the Files category and click on the File Manager icon.
In the top right hand corner, click on Settings
You should now be in the root folder of the domain you chose
You are now in the text editor.


Where .htaccess file is located?

public_html folder
htaccess file location is most commonly found in your website’s public_html folder.


Where is .htaccess file in localhost?

htaccess file in devwww directory, and your . htaccess file has something like RewriteRule (.


How rewrite URL in PHP?

Here is simple example to begin with.
Folder structure. There are two files that are needed in the root folder,
.htaccess RewriteEngine On RewriteRule inc/.*$ index.php RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule (.*)$ index.php [QSA,L] .
Complete source define( ‘INCLUDE_DIR’, dirname( __FILE__ ) . ‘/


How do you remove the slash at the end of a URL?

To remove a trailing slash from a string:
Call the endsWith() method on the string and check if it ends with a slash.
If it ends with a slash, use the slice method to remove the last character from the string.
If it doesn’t end with a slash, return the string as is.


How do I change the extension of a PHP file?

Assuming you are using Apache, you can add a line to your Apache configuration to allow other extensions to be used:
AddHandler php5-script .html.
You may also want to override the default mimetype that PHP will use for some extensions:
AddHandler php5-script .css
You can then rename your .


How do I change my htaccess URL?

using .htaccess to serve index.html or index.php.
.htaccess URL rewriting challenge.
.htaccess rewrites one url, not the other.
Rewrite rule for subfolder.
.htaccess blocks urls that contain a dot.
Want to Change URL from to
htaccess url re-styling image url to seo friendly.


Why is htaccess not working?

Improper syntax being used

It is quite common for a syntax error to be the reason for an . htaccess file not working. If you are familiar with how to read and configure . htaccess rules, double check your configuration.


What are keywords for SEO?

html extension from GitHub Pages all you have to do is remove . html extension from your links. In other words it already works and you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to use subdirectories, CNAME, redirects, Jekyll _config.


How do I use .htaccess file?

How to Enable & Set Up .htaccess File on Apache
Step 1: Enable Apache .htaccess.
Step 2: Create .htaccess File.
Step 3: Restrict Directory Listings.
Manage IP Addresses. Allow IP Addresses. Block IP Addresses. Block Visitors by Referrer.
Redirect Traffic.
Set a 404 Page.


What is the purpose of .htaccess file?

. htaccess files (or “distributed configuration files”) provide a way to make configuration changes on a per-directory basis. A file, containing one or more configuration directives, is placed in a particular document directory, and the directives apply to that directory, and all subdirectories thereof.


How do I code a .htaccess file?

Creating and Uploading an .

htaccess file is very easy. Simply open Notepad or a similar text-based program, switch off word-wrap, add the code and save the file in the usual way. Remember, the . htaccess file should be using 644 permissions and uploaded in ASCII mode.


How do you change the URL of a website in HTML?

Web address or URL login to your web starts account and from the dashboard click on the edit iconMore


How do I link to a page without the HTML extension?

You can basically just go to Forward slash index.More