how to removearchive in woocommerce using yoast seo

Yoast SEO -> Search Appearance -> Taxonomies. In there look up by Product categories (product_cat) and open it. Then remove the Archives string from the head.

How do delete archives in Yoast?

Video Tutorial
Login to WordPress
Open the left side bar
Go to ‘Search Appearance’ .
Go to the ‘Taxonomies’ tab in WordPress
Remove archives from HTML titles under ‘Categories’ .
Remove archives from other taxonomies in WordPress
Save changes in WordPress.


How do remove archives from my WordPress site?

Please head to My Sites > Design > Customize > Widgets > Sidebar > Click on the ‘Archives’ widget and click on ‘Delete’.


How do remove categories from archive titles in WordPress?

With our themes installed, simply navigate to the Appearance > Theme Options and then click on the General Tab to find the slider options. Once there, simply click the slider to hide or show the category archive title. It’s that simple. Make sure you save your changes so that it displays on the website as well!


How do disable authors archive in WordPress?

To disable or enable author archive pages, follow these steps:
Log in to your WordPress website
Click on ‘Yoast SEO’ in the sidebar
Click on ‘Search Appearance’
Click on the ‘Archives’ tab.
Toggle the ‘Author archives’ switch to match your site setup
Click ‘Save changes’.


How do edit an archive page in WordPress?

If you want to have a separate template. For a particular term let’s say for games you would like toMore


Why does my WordPress page say archive?

What exactly does a WordPress archive page displays? Archive pages are generated to organize a list of posts under a specific post type, category, or tag. For example, a blog is a great illustration of the WordPress archive page. Archives are also available for the custom post type.


How do you delete categories and archives in Divi?

But to get rid of it just start deleting. Stuff just deleted archives there if refresh this now.More


How do remove categories from pages in WordPress?

How to delete categories. To delete an existing category, hover over it and click the Delete button. You can’t delete the default Uncategorized category. If you delete a category with posts filed in it, they will be assigned to the Uncategorized category.


How do disable a category page in WordPress?

How to Hide Category in WordPress?
Go to Plugins > Add New.
Search for ‘Ultimate Category Excluder’, Install and Activate it.
Go to Settings > Category Excluder.
Checkmark the categories you want to hide.
Click on Update.


How do remove the author and date from a WordPress page?

Just go to Div“ Theme Options “ Layout. Within that section, you will see a tab labelled Single Post Layout. All you do is click the author and date to grey them out, and all individual posts will now only display the categories and comments.


How do hide authors in WordPress?

At times, though, website owners need to know how to hide the author in WordPress. This is especially so if they hire a ghostwriter for their blog.
Classic Editor or WPBakery Page Builder
Enable the Author section.
Go to the screen’s top right corner.
Next to the Author option, tick the checkbox.


How do create an author’s archive page in WordPress?

If no author template of any description can be found WordPress defaults to the archive. php template and then the index. php template (if no archive template exists).
An Introduction to the Author Template
author-{nicename}. php.
author-{id}. php.
author. php.
archive. php.
index. php.


What is WooCommerce archive page?

A Product Archive/Shop page is a WooCommerce page used to display the products added. It displays according to the settings given in WooCommerce > Settings > Products.


What is archive widget in WordPress?

The Archives Widget organizes your previously published posts by month. This can be handy for readers who want to browse your older content. Themes that support the Site Editor do not use widgets, so you won’t see Appearance ’ Widgets in your dashboard.


How do find the archive title in WordPress?

Retrieve the archive title based on the queried object.
Uses Description
wp-includes/general-template.php: post_type_archive_title() Display or retrieve title for a post type archive.
wp-includes/general-template.php: single_term_title() Display or retrieve page title for taxonomy term archive.
19 more rows


What is a category archive page WordPress?

The archive of a taxonomy is the list of posts in a taxonomy that is automatically generated by WordPress. For example, this would be the page you see when you click on a category link and see all posts in that category.


What is post type archive in WordPress?

Custom Post Type Archives in WordPress

In WordPress, the term ‘Archives’ is used for a list of entries from a post type or taxonomy (like categories and tags). If archives are enabled for a custom post type, then you can display them on your website.


How do remove meta widget from WordPress?

When you get to the Widgets page, look on the right side for your ‘Right Sidebar’. You’ll see the ‘meta’ widget located there. Just click the little down arrow, which opens up that widget. You’ll see the word ‘Delete’ at the bottom; click that, and voila!


How do delete footer in Divi?

Select Create Template at the bottom of the modal. Click Add Custom Footer and save the template without adding anything to it. Save the changes and the pages you selected will remove the Default Divfooter. All other pages will display the footer as normal.


How do delete a category in WooCommerce?

From the WordPress dashboard, go to Posts -> Categories. Tick the boxes beside the categories you wish to remove. Click the Bulk Action dropdown menu and select Delete.