how to rename images with seo all-in-one shopify app

How do you name images in SEO Ecommerce?

Image file names – When naming image files, use words that describe the image accurately and clearly. Rather than Image01, use red-running-shoes. The name of the image file with help search engines determine what the picture is of.


Can you rename images on Shopify?

Renaming an already uploaded image isn’t possible on Shopify. To do it, you need to change the name of the original image. Hence, you can replace the old image with a new one by renaming it on your desktop or laptop.


How do I bulk edit images in Shopify?

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Does alt text HELP SEO Shopify?

ALT texts are also beneficial for image SEO. Properly filled ALT texts make it easier for search engines to understand the image and its relation to the page’s content and rank your products higher in SERPs.


Does renaming pictures help with SEO?

Naming images for SEO will improve your search engine rankings and website traffic! This tip makes it so easy “ it literally will take just seconds.


Why images are renamed in SEO?

The Purpose of Renaming Images

Therefore, it relies on the file name to index and rank both the picture and the page on which it appears. According to Google’s image publishing guidelines, a filename that is meaningless and consists of a series of numbers or other unrelated information is also meaningless to Google.


How do I optimize images for Shopify?

Test your images.
Name your images descriptively and in plain language
Optimize your alt attributes carefully
Choose your image dimensions and product angles wisely
Reduce the file size of your images
Choose the right file type
Optimize your thumbnails
Use image sitemaps
Beware of decorative images.


How do I add an alt image to Shopify?

From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
Tap Edit.
From the theme editor sidebar, click the section with the image that needs alt text.
Below the image, click Edit.
In the dialog, enter the alt text, and then click Save.
Click Save.


Can you use images from Google on Shopify?

Currently there is no straightforward way of connecting Google Drive photos to your Shopify store; this is because Shopify creates new URLs for images upon import. UGH!! So you need to download all the items as a CSV to your desktop, then add the photos in there, then re-upload.


How can I edit bulk photos?

Here’s how that works.
Choose File > Automate > Batch.
At the top of the dialog that pops up, select your new Action from the list of available Actions.
In the section below that, set the Source to “Folder.” Click the “Choose” button, and select the folder that contains the images you want to process for editing.


Can you bulk edit variants in Shopify?

You can use the bulk editor tool to make changes to multiple products and product variants at the same time. From your Shopify admin, you can select the products that you want to change, select which properties you want to update, and then make your changes.


How do I bulk edit alt text in Shopify?

Updating Image Alt Text for your Product Images one by one can be very time consuming if doing so manually in Shopify Admin.
Update Image Alt Text
Export Products with Images.
Edit the file. Delete unnecessary columns. Update Image Alt Text field.
Import your file. Upload file and start import


How does alt text work on Shopify?

Alt (alternative) text describes a media item and is an important part of a product description. If a media item can’t load for any reason, then alt text is shown instead. It’s also used by assistive technology to describe an image to a customer who’s visually impaired. Including alt text can boost your website’s SEO.


Where do I put alt text in Shopify?

And you’ll specify you’ll basically say okay all of my product images i want them to have a certainMore


How do I add text alternative to my listing photos?

Until recently but you basically go to the listings manager hover over the photo with your cursor.More


How do I make my photos SEO friendly?

9 Steps to Optimize Images for SEO
Resize your images. Image size and file size are not the same thing
Optimize image file names
Use alt tags
Optimize the image title
Include captions
Use unique images
Ensure that your text complements the images
Add image structured data.


Which image format is best for SEO?

While there are many image formats to choose from, the PNG and JPEG are the most common for the web. PNG: Produces better quality images, but comes with a larger file size. JPEG: You may lose image quality, but you can adjust the quality level to find a good balance.


Does image metadata affect SEO?

The answer is it depends. If your page speed is already running slow and you have a lot of images, it’s a good idea to just get rid of it. But if you think it could be good for local SEO or your site has no speed issues, metadata may help you.


What is the right way to name files for images?

Create a naming protocol that makes sense to you: it should be descriptive, but not overly cumbersome. A basic file name might include the date of the image, one or more subject type descriptors, and perhaps a note or two to indicate a version or quality.


Are images important for SEO?

Images make any content more interesting and appealing by helping readers understand your content better. Plus, images add value to your SEO efforts by increasing user engagement and accessibility of your website. There are a number of important factors that can be optimized to help improve image SEO on your site.