how to say that is seo kang jun in korean

What Kdrama is Seo Kang Joon in?

He may be best known for his roles in hit K-dramas such as Are You Human? (2018), The Third Charm (2018), and When the Weather is Fine (2020), but Seo Kang-joon is much more than meets the eye.


Is Seo Kang Joon Full Korean?

Seo Kang-joon (born Lee Seung-hwan on October 12, 1993) is a South Korean actor and singer who is a member of the group 5urprise.
Seo Kang-joon
Instrument(s) Piano
Formerly of 5urprise
Korean name
Hangul 서강ì
17 more rows


How old is Seo Kang Joon?

28 years (12 October 1993)
Seo Kang-joon / Age


How many languages does Seo Kang Joon speak?

Seo Kang-joon / Languages
Korean is the native language for about 80 million people, mostly of Korean descent. It is the official and national language of both North Korea and South Korea, but over the past 74 years of political division, the two Koreas have developed some noticeable vocabulary differences. Wikipedia


Can Seo Kang Joon speak English?

He then revealed that he had spent about a year and seven months in Malaysia studying. He continues, But I’m not fluent.can speak simple English phrases. Seo Kang Joon then becomes the interpreter for the group on the show.


What color is Seo Kang Joon eyes?

hazel eyes
I love how Lee Sung Kyung and Seo Kang Joon played siblings in Cheese in the Trap! It totally makes sense! Her hazel eyes are bomb! You can’t get these colors with contact lenses.


Who is the leading man in Are you human?

Seo Kang-joon
Are You Human Too?) is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Seo Kang-joon and Gong Seung-yeon.


How tall is Seo Kang-joon in feet?

1.83 m
Seo Kang-joon / Height


Has Seo Kang-joon served in the military?

Actor Seo Kang-joon started his mandatory military service on Tuesday, according to his agency Man of Creation on the same day. The time and location of his enlistment will remain undisclosed in order to prevent his fans from gathering amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


Is Seo Kang Joon tall?

1.83 m
Seo Kang-joon / Height


How old is Lee Dong Wook?

40 years (6 November 1981)
Lee Dong-Wook / Age


Does Rain speak English?

Rain learned English from Lee Bum-soo’s wife, Lee Yoon-jin, a professional Korean-English interpreter. Lee told The Korea Times she only had 100 days to teach Rain so she focused on how to deliver key messages. As a result, Rain did well and spoke fluent English in his press interviews for Ninja Assassin.


When did 5urprise disband?

March 31, 2020
2020: Disbandment

On March 31, 2020, it was announced by Fantagio that all five members have decided to part ways with the company, leaving the group disbanded.


Does Song Kang speak English?

Yescan do it do it do it i’m the king of the world.More


Can park Solomon speak Chinese?

“ He can speak Korean and Chinese. “ He learned acting from Ahn Hyuk-mo, the director of Sidus HQ, his former company.


Does Wi Ha Joon speak English?

Does Wi Ha-Joon speak English? Ha-Joon speaks English, but he says he isn’t quite confident in his fluency. “Whenwas shooting the VIP scene, one of the thingswas concerned about was having to deliver lines in English,” he told Vulture.


Does Lee Je Hoon speak English?

Yep, it’s that film where Lee Je Hoon shows off his English speaking skills!


Can eye color change with age?

In most people, the answer is no. Eye color fully matures in infancy and remains the same for life. But in a small percentage of adults, eye color can naturally become either noticeably darker or lighter with age. What determines eye color is the pigment melanin.


Dohave green eyes?

A green eye usually has a solid green hue with more or less a single color throughout the iris. Hazel eyes are multi-colored, with a shade of green and a characteristic burst of brown or gold radiating outwards from around the pupil.


Why dohave really dark brown eyes?

Eye color is directly related to the amount of melanin in the front layers of the iris. People with brown eyes have a large amount of melanin in the iris, while people with blue eyes have much less of this pigment. A particular region on chromosome 15 plays a major role in eye color.