how to sell seo services with cold calling

How do sell SEO services?

Step by step process to selling SEO
Gather additional business context
Conduct a discovery review of issues and opportunities
Determine a good fit for SEO and where to start
Present significant issues + opportunities + your approach or process
Deliver proposal outlining cost and scope of work.


How do sell my product on a cold call?

11 Cold Calling Tips While on the Call
Use Social Proof to Influence Behavior. We are easily influenced by other people’s behaviors
Keep Your Goal in Mind
Ask Open-Ended Questions
Watch Your Tone of Voice
Don’t Give an Easy Out
Lead with Them, Not You
Listen More Than Talk in Your Cold Calls
Don’t Waste Their Time.


Does cold calling still work in 2022?

Moreover, consider this tricky sales approach as a challenge; there’s ample opportunity to improve your cold calls and boost the quality of your overall outbound sales process. You can still make cold calling work for you in 2022 and beyond.


How do you start cold calling sales?

Instead, it’s important to focus on who you’re speaking with, and make a statement or ask a question that’s 100% relevant to them. The first few words the hook must make potential clients stop and listen. Decision makers get hundreds of cold calls a month. Most salespeople don’t do any research.


How can get SEO clients?

9 Proven Ways to Get SEO Clients
Do Free SEO Site Audits.
Specialize in a Specific Niche.
Partner With a Design Agency.
Speak at Marketing Conferences.
Publish Pillar Content
Share Your SEO Expertise On Social Media.
Send (Non-Spammy) Outreach Messages on LinkedIn.
Create Monthly SEO Packages.


How do you pitch a client for SEO?

Steps to refining your local SEO pitch
Understand local search optimization. Completely understanding the discipline you are speaking about is key to a smooth pitch
Understand your client
Educate to show value
Follow up.


Why is cold calling so hard?

It manifests itself in various physical ways with an increased heart rate, sweating, uncontrollable worry, anxiety, and nervousness. Fear makes it more difficult to successfully complete prospecting calls because being afraid decreases blood flow to the part of your brain responsible for logical thinking and planning.


What is the best time to cold call?

between 9 a.m and 4 p.m.
Based on that data, the best time to cold call a prospect is between 9 a.m and 4 p.m., with 10 a.m. (15.53%) and 2 p.m. (15.01%) providing the best response times. This makes a lot of sense. People generally are more amenable to calls during core work hours, even if they put work in outside those hours.


What skills do you need for cold calling?

Cold Calling: 17 Skills You Can Master
Persistence. Cold calling is hard
Positivity. If persistence is the key to getting through cold calls, then positivity is absolutely essential to being successful at them
Ability to stay calm
Gatekeeper navigation
Quick thinking
Can generate huge interest.


How long does it take to make 100 cold calls?

between 1-5 hours
How long does it take to make 100 cold calls? Making 100 cold calls could take you between 1-5 hours, but this greatly depends on the dialing system you’re using. If you want to improve your cold calling efforts, you’ll need a proper sales strategy.


How many cold calls should make a day?

In summary, when we include pre-call research, the actual call, and post-call CRM updates, you should allow an average of seven-and-a-half minutes for each cold call. 60 minutes divided by 7.5 minutes per call equals 8 cold calls per hour.


What percentage of cold calls are successful?

The average cold calling success rate is between 1 to 3%. This success rate is quite low when compared to other sales techniques. However, it still works and should be integrated with the entire marketing plan.


What are the 7 steps in the sales process?

The 7-step sales process
Handling objections.


Where can find cold call leads?

4 Ways to Get Qualified Cold-Calling Leads
Manually qualify your leads
Buy a list from a leads provider
Use artificial intelligence to automatically qualify your list
Just pay for a highly qualified list
5 Ways You Can Get Paid Internationally.


Is cold calling dead?

Cold calling is still alive in 2020

Companies just need to be strategic about how it fits into their overall demand generation strategy. Cold calling is still an incredibly effective way to connect with prospects if you stay informed on who your buyers are, how they buy, and how you can solve their problems.


Where can find freelance SEO clients?

If you’re an SEO freelancer, use these five tactics to find and land more SEO freelance client accounts.
5 Ways to Get SEO Freelance Clients
Leverage Your Network
Use Freelancing Job Sites
Apply for Contract Positions
Social Media or Local Advertising
Industry Thought-Leadership.


What companies use SEO?

7 ecommerce brands that get SEO right
Woot: proper site architecture
Macy’s: canonical URLs specified
Overstock: applying structured data
Etsy: content strategy
Rei: fast load
Amazon: applying user-generated content
Luna Sandals: detailed product descriptions.


How do get SEO clients for Facebook?

How to get SEO Clients From Social Media
Provide specific services.
Optimize your Facebook and LinkedIn profile.
Join on the related groups and communities.
Make your connection with targeted people.
Solve their problems with informative information.
Create content continuously with attractive images.
Be active and quicker.


How do you write a SEO proposal?

How to write a winning SEO proposal in 10 steps
Step 1: Ask your prospect some questions
Step 2: Don’t reinvent the wheel every time
Step 3: Write a killer executive summary
Step 4: List your deliverables
Step 5: Show them that you can get the job done
Step 6: Build a timeline
Step 7: Make an offer they can’t refuse.


How do sell SEO through email?

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