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How do you search on SmugMug?

Over the top right hand side and go then into your account settings. Once we’re into the accountMore


What are good keywords for photography?

Popular Keywords “ Photography Keywords
photograph. 673000.
headshot. 450000.
portrait. 301000.
photo studio. 246000.
stock photos. 201000.
photo printing. 165000.
wedding photography. 135000.
photo gallery. 135000.


How do make a website on SmugMug?

Click here to look at your photos click here to organize. And here is where you set up your website.More


How do use keywords in SmugMug?

Click the All Selected box to enter keywords for all your photos. Enter your keywords separated by semicolons. For phrases, you can separate them with semicolons or enclose the term in quotes. You can also Promote a keyword from Some to All by clicking the plus sign next to the word.


Who owns SmugMug?

SmugMug, Inc.
SmugMug / Owner


How do you do SEO images?

9 Steps to Optimize Images for SEO
Resize your images. Image size and file size are not the same thing
Optimize image file names
Use alt tags
Optimize the image title
Include captions
Use unique images
Ensure that your text complements the images
Add image structured data.


What is SEO photography?

SEO works to send signals to search engines that your content is valuable to the community or niche that you serve. The best way to do this is to create quality content that your potential customer would find valuable, utilizing key phrases that they might be searching for.


How do find my popular keywords?

Use Google Trends to find the most searched keywords on Google. Go to


How do add HTML to SmugMug?

In your SmugMug account, go to Customize and select the webpage you want to edit from the panel on the right. Click on the Content tab and select HTML & CSS from the list below. Drag and drop the HTML element on your page and paste the code of your form inside the HTML box editor.


How do use CSS in SmugMug?

To have your code apply across your whole site, look for the Advanced tab under your Theme options where you can add your own CSS. To have your code apply to just a single page or gallery, drag and drop an HTML or CSS Content Block onto any page of your site and add your code there.


How do sell my photos on SmugMug?

SmugMug’s pricelist tool lets you easily manage all your pricing in one place. Just choose your print partner, profit margin, and the photos or gallery you’d like to sell, and you’re in business.


Can you tag on Smugmug?

To add caption and tags to all of your photos at once, open up a gallery and select all of the photos within it. After selecting your photos, click the wrench button at the top of the page, then click Title, Caption, and Keywords. A menu will open up on the side.


What is a smart gallery in Smugmug?

Smart galleries put your photos where you want them. They automatically sniff out photos with a common trait and collect copies of them wherever you wish. Make your galleries smart by specifying rules they’ll follow to populate them.


How do create a Smart Gallery in Smugmug?

How it’s done: You’ll find your Smart Gallery settings in your Gallery Settings, under Make This Gallery Smart. From there you’ll be able to add rules that fit your requirements, tweakable to taste. Things to note: Freshly-uploaded photos may take a little time to be included in your galleries, but they’ll get there.


Is SmugMug owned by Amazon?

The company also facilitates the sale of digital and print media for amateur and professional photographers.
Type of site Image hosting service
Owners Don MacAskill Chris MacAskill
Key people Don MacAskill (CEO) Ben MacAskill (COO)
Employees 210
Subsidiaries Flickr
7 more rows


Is SmugMug worth the money?

Cost-wise, SmugMug is reasonably priced if you sell regularly through it. Otherwise, it’s a bit high in cost. My overall recommendation is that SmugMug is a wonderful host for your site if you’re looking to create a portfolio site only. With low costs for the basic plan, you can have a website for under $50 per year!


How many people use SmugMug?

99.5k visitors
SmugMug: 99.5k visitors, 591k views

We’ve included Flickr as a point of reference, but SmugMug vs Flickr isn’t really a fair comparison. SmugMug is a portfolio builder, while Flickr is a community photo feed. Don’t choose between them “ use both.


Which image format is best for SEO?

While there are many image formats to choose from, the PNG and JPEG are the most common for the web. PNG: Produces better quality images, but comes with a larger file size. JPEG: You may lose image quality, but you can adjust the quality level to find a good balance.


What are the three types of SEO?

There are three main types of SEO: Internal (On-Page SEO) External (Off-Page SEO) Technical SEO.


Do images increase SEO?

Images make any content more interesting and appealing by helping readers understand your content better. Plus, images add value to your SEO efforts by increasing user engagement and accessibility of your website. There are a number of important factors that can be optimized to help improve image SEO on your site.