how to stop certain people from finding yoru website through seo

How doblock someone from accessing my website?

Using Group Policy
Go to Policies Administrative Templates Google. Google Chrome.
Enable Block access to a list of URLs
Add the URLs that you want to block
Enable Allows access to a list of URLs.
Add the URLs that you want users to access
Deploy the update to your users.


How domake my website not searchable?

You can prevent a page or other resource from appearing in Google Search by including a noindex meta tag or header in the HTTP response.


How canhide my SEO?

What is hidden text SEO?
Placing text behind an image.
Using CSS to position text off-screen.
Setting font size to 0.
Hiding links by only linking one small character”for example, linking a hyphen in the middle of a paragraph.


How dohide my WordPress site from search engines?

Here’s how:
Login to WordPress admin area and go to Settings -> Reading.
Scroll down and locate the Search Engine Visibility option.
Check the option that says Discourage search engines from indexing this site.
Save Changes, and that’s it! WordPress will automatically edit its robots. txt file for you.


Can you block an IP from viewing your website?

Head to the Security section and find the IP Address Deny Manager, then enter a specific IP address or range of addresses to block. Here, the result is more substantive: Anyone trying to access your site from these addresses will get an error message instead of seeing your page.


Can you block someone’s IP address?

Blocking an IP Address for Windows Users. Blocking IP addresses on a Windows computer requires going through the Windows Firewall. In tech terms, a firewall is a component that allows your computer to block access to your network without inhibiting your ability to communicate with outside networks.


How dokeep a website private?

In the Home menu, click Settings. Click Site Availability. Select Public, Password Protected, or Private. Click Save.


How dohide my website from Google search?

Exclude sites from your search engine:
From the control panel, select the search engine you want to edit.
Click Setup from the menu on the left.
In the Basics tab, click Advanced under Sites to Search to expand the Sites to exclude section.
Click Add under Sites to exclude.


Do hidden pages affect SEO?

Hiding text or links in your content to manipulate Google’s search rankings can be seen as deceptive and is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Search crawlers have developed over the years to identify black hat SEO techniques such as hidden content and penalise websites for appearing to hide content.


Do hidden pages help SEO?

A perhaps more direct SEO benefit is that hiding content makes it easier to squeeze more text and images onto a mobile sized screen. Hidden content, when done correctly, can maximize the amount of content on a small mobile web page and help increase the amount of content that is indexed by search engines.


How dohide my WordPress site from public?

From your dashboard, select Posts and then click on All Posts. From there, you’ll see a list of all of your posts. For the one that you want to make private, click on Quick Edit. From there, look for the word Visibility and change the settings to private.


How domake my WordPress site invisible to Google?

Simply edit the post or page that you want to protect. Under the ‘Document’ setting in your WordPress editor, click on the link next to the ‘Visibility’ option. This will show the visibility options available in WordPress where you can make a post or page public, private, or password protected.


How dostop traffic bots on WordPress?

Go to the Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard. Click the Add New button on top of the page. In the search text bar on the right, enter block spam bots and press enter. Find the plugin that works best for you, install and activate it.


How dorestrict websites accessing IP addresses?

the following is the steps to add IP addresses to your server to block them from accessing your site.
Login into your cPanel.
Navigate to the Security section and click the IP Blocker icon
Enter the IP you want to block.
Click the Add button.
You will be directed to a success page.


How domake my IP private?

There are two main ways to hide your IP address: by using a virtual private network (VPN), or a proxy server. VPNs are the most common tools used by consumers to mask their IP addresses.


What is a domain block?

Domain blocking is a service which brands are beginning to use in order to protect their trademarked names from cybercriminals, who might try to register domains and use them in bad faith.


How doblock an IP address on a domain controller?

Log into your dedicated server using Remote Desktop. Click Start > Run >type MMC press OK. In the console click File > Add/Remove Snap in. Select the IP Security Policy Managment item in the Available snap-ins list click the Add button.


How doremove an IP address from my network?

How to Delete IP Addresses from DHCP Service (DHCP Manager)
Select the Addresses tab.
Select the IP address’s network.
Select one or more IP addresses you want to delete
Choose Delete from the Edit menu
If you want to delete the host names from the hosts table, select Delete From Hosts Table
Click OK.


How doblock an IP address from a WordPress site?

Ban IP address in WordPress manually
Log into your WordPress dashboard.
Then from the menu, navigate to Settings > Discussion.
In the Discussion page, scroll down and you should be able to see a section called Comment Blacklist.
Copy and Paste the IP addresses you want to block in that section.
Remember to Save Changes.


Canhide h1 for SEO?

Most likely not – unless it is done for clearly mobile usability issues. From: