how to stop hotlinking images without affecting seo

How do I stop hotlinking images?

How to Prevent Hotlinking
Use a CDN with hotlink protection.
Add code to your . htaccess file.
Disable right click functionality.
Add a watermark to your images and other assets.
Rename hotlinked files.
Issue a takedown request.
Block IP addresses.


Should I disable hotlinking?

It is a bad practice that negatively impacts web administrators. Hotlinking another website’s images can take up a significant amount of bandwidth on its server and infringe on its owners’ copyright.


How do I remove hotlink protection?

To disable Hotlink Protection:

On the Hotlink Protection page, click Disable. A confirmation page will be displayed.


How do I turn off hotlink protection in WordPress?

The plugin is popular for securing WordPress websites, has good ratings and a large number of installations. AIO WP Security has the feature to prevent image hotlinking. Once installed and activated, go to WP Security -> Firewall -> Prevent Hotlinks. You can check Prevent Image Hotlinking and click Save Settings.


What is hotlinking and why is it bad?

A hotlinking takes place when someone embeds content (images, music, videos, and documents mostly) from your site in another site with the direct file URL. Effectively, the other site is stealing bandwidth and generating unnecessary traffic hits on your website consuming your hosting resources.


What is hot link protection?

Hotlink Protection prevents your images from being used by other sites. This can reduce the bandwidth consumed by your origin server. When Cloudflare receives an image request for your site, we check to ensure the request did not originate from visitors on another site.


Is hotlinking legal?

Is hotlinking legal? Embedding images without permission remains legal in the EU and US.


What does no hotlinking mean?

Hotlinking is known as the act of stealing someone’s bandwidth by linking directly to their website’s assets, such as images or videos. For example, let’s say the owner of website A is hosting a particular image on their server.


What is hot linking image?

Image hotlinking is when someone embeds your images on their website by linking them directly from your website. It’s bad enough when people use your media without permission, but image hotlinking adds insult to injury since it can also slow down your site.


How do I turn off hotlink Cloudflare?

If it’s for your site, go here


What is hotlink detected?

Hotlinking happens when someone displays an image from your site by using its web link directly. They get to display the image on their website and have it sourced from your website. The image is extracted from the source website’s server each time it loads.


What is hotlink protection in cPanel?

Hotlink protection is a security feature in cPanel designed to reduce bandwidth consumption. It works by preventing third-party websites from directly linking to your content (for example, pulling in images hosted on your server for display on their own web pages).


How do I enable Cloudflare Hotlinking?

How to Enable Hotlink Protection in Cloudflare
Sign in to Cloudflare.
Select your site.
Choose Scrape Sheild in the left column.
Turn on Hotlink Protection.


What is hotlinking HTML?

A hotlink (also known as an inline link) is an object (typically an image) directly linked to from another site. For example, an image hosted on is shown directly on


What is a hot link URL?

It means displaying an image on a website by linking to the website hosting the image. The link gets the source data of the picture each time it is needed. This avoids having the image on every website which uses it. So, a website owner uses a link to the picture such as


What’s in a hot link?

Pork or beef, or a blend of both, is typically used as the primary meat ingredient. The hot link can be spiced using red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper. Additional spices may be used, such as thyme, paprika, crushed bay leaves and onion flakes.


How do you hotlink?

There are three ways to do this: You select the URL and copy it, then press Ctrl+K or use Insert | Links | Hyperlink to open the Hyperlink dialog, where you can paste the URL into the Address box. If your AutoFormat As You Type settings have not been changed, it will suffice to just type a space at the end of the URL.


Is linking to an image copyright infringement?

While there is some uncertainty on this point, a recent case from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that inline linking does not directly infringe copyright because no copy is made on the site providing the link; the link is just HTML code pointing to the image or other material.


How do I turn off HotLink in Windows 10?

To disable hotlink protection, follow these steps:
In the SECURITY section of the cPanel home screen, click HotLink Protection:
Click Disable.


What is a linked image called?

Inline linking (also known as hotlinking, leeching, piggy-backing, direct linking, offsite image grabs) is the use of a linked object, often an image, on one site by a web page belonging to a second site.