how to use materials tags in etsy for seo

These are things like size, material, color, etc. All these extra attributes ALSO act as tags, so you do not need to repeat them in your 13 tags.

Do materials count as tags Etsy?

These are things like size, material, color, etc. All these extra attributes ALSO act as tags, so you do not need to repeat them in your 13 tags.


How do you use tags on Etsy?

Once on the listing page, scroll down to Tags toward the bottom of Listing details. 4.) Add some tags that best describe your item!


How do I get better SEO on Etsy?

Choose a shop title that describes your products
Determine your keywords
Avoid using the same keyword too often
Use all 13 tags in each listing
Front-load listings with keywords
Renew your listings regularly
Promote your shop to get inbound links
Provide a great customer experience.


How do you optimize tags on Etsy?

Checklist: Optimize Your Shop for Etsy Search
Use all 13 tags
Get specific with categories
Offer free shipping
Add relevant attributes
Grab shoppers’ attention with short, easy-to-understand titles
Put your best photo first
Fill out your About section
Add clear shop policies.


What are the best tags to use on Etsy?

July’s Top 20 Etsy Searches
1. summer jewelry
2. minimalist
3. personalized gifts
4. summer gift
5. wedding
15 more rows


What are illegal keywords on Etsy?

The following types of items are prohibited or restricted on Etsy: Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, and Medical Drugs. Animal Products and Human Remains. Dangerous Items: Hazardous Materials, Recalled Items, and Weapons.


How do you rank higher on Etsy?

How to Master Etsy SEO
Use long-tail keywords
Use the beginning of the title for the strongest keywords
Don’t stuff keywords into your title.
Use all 13 tags.
Carefully choose attributes that can be used to describe your listing.
Be as specific as possible when choosing the categories for your product.


Are keywords and tags the same Etsy?

Let’s begin with what tags are not. Tags are not keywords. Keywords are what the customer types into Etsy search to find items.


Are tags and keywords the same?

Tags vs Keywords

The main difference between keywords and tags is where you will find them. Keywords are actually a part of the content and are used to identify what the content is all about. On the other hand, tags are just placed by the creator of the content to describe what the content is and what it relates to.


How do I get traffic on Etsy?

To increase traffic to your Etsy shop, you must research which keywords your target market is typing into search engines and where to use those keywords in your Etsy shop. It’s important to find high volume, low competition keywords so your listings will get found over your competitors.


How long does it take for Etsy SEO to work?

about one month
Etsy SEO takes about one month to see real results. It takes time for everything to adjust and respond on Google as well as getting new traffic.


How do I get more views on Etsy 2022?

17 Ways to Skyrocket Your Etsy Sales in 2022 (Etsy Marketing Tips You Can Use Today)
Use Etsy SEO For Better Etsy Search Ranking.
Write High Converting Product Description.
Take Eye-Catching Product Photos.
Develop New Products That Reaches New Customers.
Focus On Products That Doesn’t Convert Well.


How do I get organic traffic to my Etsy shop?

5 Simple Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Etsy Store
Get found on the Etsy search engine. To get people to your store, the single most important idea you have to grasp is that Etsy in itself is a huge search engine
Dress up your storefront
Kick it up on social media
Start a blog
Be known in your niche.


How do I increase traffic on Etsy 2021?

How to Increase Etsy Traffic (and Sales) in 2021
Use SEO Keywords for more etsy traffic
Include attributes in your etsy listings
Differentiate Yourself from Competition “ Find Your Niche! .
Create Detailed Description
Set Up a Business Social Media Accounts.


What is the biggest seller on Etsy?

Top 100 Etsy Sellers
Rank Seller Category
1 AcornandCrowStudio Electronics & Accessories
2 CaitlynMinimalist Jewelry
3 Beadboat1 Craft Supplies & Tools
4 ModParty Weddings
94 more rows


What does Etsy mean by materials?

The materials are not used by Etsy’s search engine, they’re just there as information for buyers. They may or may not be picked up by some external search engines. If a material is important, it’s useful to specify it in tags or select it as an attribute if attributes are available for the category of the listing.


How do I find best keywords on Etsy?

Marmalead is the best tool you can use to find keywords for your Etsy SEO. It is specifically set up for Etsy sellers and takes all of the guesswork out of choosing effective keywords that drive traffic to your shop.


What gets you banned on Etsy?

Selling Wrong Products

One of the primary reasons most Etsy accounts get banned is selling irrelevant items. Etsy is a marketplace that solely provides handmade and vintage items. It only allows sellers to sell items made by hand or those that are more than 20 years old.


What should you not do on Etsy?

Alright the third thing to never do on etsy is never price your items.More


What Cannot be sold on Etsy?

Several types of items are prohibited from being sold on Etsy, including: Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and medical drugs. Certain animal products and human remains. Dangerous items, including hazardous materials, recalled items, and weapons.