seo how to write a description for post tags

What should write in SEO description?

Characteristics of a good meta description
Keep it up to 155 characters
Use active voice and make it actionable
Include a call-to-action
Use your focus keyword
Show specifications, where possible
Make sure it matches the content of the page
Make it unique.


How do you add a description to a tag?

12 tips for the perfect description tag
Use no more than 155 characters
Use keywords you want to score with for that page
Don’t create false expectations
Tell the user what to expect
Think about your target audience
Write properly
To the point
Don’t just repeat the page title.


How do you write a title tag description?

5 Tips for Writing Title Tags
Write unique titles for every page. Every page on your website is unique and your title tags should reflect that
Pay attention to length
Use your target keyword (but don’t overdo it)
Be descriptive of what’s on the page
Make a (brief) case for what’s on the page.


How do you write tags for SEO?

Quick List: How to Make Your Title Tags Work for SEO. Use target keywords in titles. Describe your page content in the best possible way. Use words like HOW, WHY, WHAT, and WHERE”help people understand what they will find on the page.


How do you write meta tags and descriptions?

Best practices for creating quality meta descriptions
Make sure that every page on your site has a meta description.
Create unique descriptions for each page on your site
Include relevant information about the content in the description
Programmatically generate descriptions
Use quality descriptions.


How do you write SEO description and title?

How to Create SEO Page Titles That Stand Out
Include relevant keywords
Write for the user
Try long sentences, but pay attention to length
Don’t be repetitive or stuff keywords
Don’t put your company name at the front
Be specific
Get some help.


What should add in description?

17 tips for writing YouTube descriptions
Be specific
Do keyword research
Use searchable keywords
Know how to use keywords
Know where to use your keywords
Track which keywords work for you
Find out what else your audience is watching
Offer value.


What is description tag?

What is a description tag ? The description tag is a piece of html code that’s meant to give a short you guessed it description of a web page. The description tag is at the top of the page in thesection of the code.


How do you write a meta description for 2022?

Best Practices For A Good Meta Description Length in 2022

Meanwhile, your meta description length should be kept descriptive and between 150 and 160 characters for optimal length, and this includes spaces. Additionally, you also want to make sure to: Accurately summarize the page content.


How do add a description to my Google site?

Note that Google will try to pick a relevant helpful title and description as a website owner youMore


What is a title tag example?

It’s simply the headline on the SERP (search engine results page). For example, if you Google œkitchen appliances, you’ll see that one of the top results is from IKEA. In this case, the page title tag is œKitchen Appliances IKEA. This is what both people and search engines will see as the title of your page.


How do write a meta description for 2021?

How to Write the Best Meta Descriptions in 2021
Aim for around 155 characters. There is no perfect length for a meta description
Use your focus keyword
Make sure it matches your page’s content
Include a call-to-action
List specifications, where possible
Make it unique
Make it interesting.


Does meta description affect SEO?

Do Meta Descriptions Affect SEO? The short answer is no, they don’t technically impact SEO. However, they are an important part of your SEO strategy as they are one of the first things searchers see when they encounter one of your pages.


What should write in website description?

Make sure your description reads like a normal, human-written sentence. Treat the meta description as if it’s an advert for your web-page: make it as compelling and as relevant as possible. The description MUST match the content on the page, but you should also make it as appealing as possible.


What is SEO title example?

SEO title examples for œCheesecake recipe With 228k monthly searches according to Ahrefs, œcheesecake recipe is one of the most competitive keywords in the food niche. It’s the kind of keyword that can bring you thousands of monthly visitors provided people click to read your article instead of your competitor’s.


What is description with example?

The definition of a description is a statement that gives details about someone or something. An example of description is a story about the places visited on a family trip. noun.


How do you write a description?

7 Tips for Writing Descriptive Sentences
Cut out obvious descriptions
Use surprising words
Remember sensory details
Make use of figurative language
Think about who is doing the describing
Be wary of over-description
Read good examples of descriptive writing.


How do you write a description box?

Generally speaking, we follow this template for writing description boxes:
First 5 lines.
Include link to optin.
Brief teaser for video content*
Contact and Social Links.
Longer Description*
References mentioned in video*
Link to blog.


Do you need a meta description for every page?

Don’t let your consultant or toolset fool you; you don’t need a meta description on every page, or even close to every page. Remember that all content requires future maintenance. It would be far better to have no meta description than a poor or outdated one.


What is the best length for a meta description?

between 50 and 160 characters
Optimal meta description length

Meta descriptions can technically be any length, but Google generally truncates snippets to ~155-160 characters. It’s best to keep meta descriptions long enough that they’re sufficiently descriptive, so we recommend descriptions between 50 and 160 characters.