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Who did Seojun end up with?

Amjustafanofseojun she ended up with suho but then he had to move to Japan with his father (he had no choice) Then seojun confessed his feelings to juyeong and she accepted it they started to date for 2 years.


Who is the love interest in True Beauty?

In Yaongyi’s romantic comedy webtoon, True Beauty, Jugyeong and Suho have come a long way to be together. They started as just two peers in the same Japanese study group, but eventually, they formulated a solid friendship based on mutual interests.


What is the age of Han Seo Jun?

He was born on January 19, 1991 in Seoul, South Korea which makes him a Capricorn.


Does True Beauty have a happy ending?

True Beauty ends with Ju-kyoung’s sister’s wedding, Seo-jun’s debut performance and then a call back to Ju-kyoung and Su-ho’s first close quarters encounter “ as she pulls down a book in their beloved comic book store named, of course, Happy Ending’.


What will happen in episode 16 of True Beauty?

Episode 16 of True Beauty begins with Ju-Kyung pulling away from her hug with Seo-Joon and apologizing. As Seo-Joon walks away, he bumps into Soo-Ho and the two head out drinking together. They discuss Seo-Joon’s date before the two boys stumble home drunk.


What happens to Seojun in end?

Turns out, Seo-jun had lied to her, with her best interest in mind, and given her and his best friend Su-ho the opportunity to reunite. So as much as we can cheer for Su-ho and Ju-kyung’s ship sailing at this moment, we are heartbroken for Seo-jun who had no one to help him as he broke down in tears all alone.


Is True Beauty a love triangle?

True Beauty’s cute moments so far: Seo Jun, Lee, Ju Gyeong’s love triangle & more. Even though Cha Eun-woo and Hwang in Yeop camaraderie has attracted many fans, but after the love triangle between the three, the viewers have started taking sides and want their favourite lead actor to win Ju Gyeong’s love in the show.


Who is the main character in True Beauty?

Lee Su‘ho
Cha Eun-woo

Lim Joo‘kyung
Moon Ga-young

Han Seo‘joon
Hwang In-youp

Park Yoo-na

Kang Soo‘jin
Park Yoo-na

Eun Dan‘oh
Kim Hye-yoon

Oh Nam‘joo
Kim Young-dae

Park Se‘mi
Jeon Hye-won
True Beauty/Characters


How do you pronounce Jugyeong?

Yo yo yo yo yo yo young yang yo yang.More


Who is the villain in True Beauty drama?

Sujin Kang | True Beauty Wiki | Fandom.


How do you pronounce Seojun?

It ceo john ceo john pretty straightforward.More


Who is the hero of True Beauty Webtoon?

The main characters Lim Ju-kyung, Lee Su-ho and Han Seo-jun are played by Moon, Cha and Hwang, respectively, while the supporting character Kang Soo-jin was recharacterized, promoted to be one of the main characters of the series version and is played by Park Yoo-na.


What happens to Seojun in True Beauty?

*SPOILERS ALERT* True Beauty ends with Han Seo Jun (Hwang In Yeop) forgoing his unrequited love for Lim Ju Gyeong (Moon Ga Young) as he helps her reunite with Lee Suho (Cha Eun Woo). Lim Ju Gyeong and Lee Suho reconcile after several years of separation.


What happens in the last episode of True Beauty?

4 February 2021
True Beauty / Final episode date


Is True Beauty over?

The drama aired for 16 episodes and concluded on February 4, 2021. True Beauty’s episodes were a laugh riot combined with romance and a social message. The webtoon began is 2018 and is still ongoing.


Who ends up with the girl in True Beauty?

Im Hee Gyung (Im Se Mi) and her jamong (Oh Eui Sik) finally get married. Their relationship had some obstacles, but Hee Gyung kept persisting and following her heart until the very end. Their relationship was hopeful and pure, so seeing the two tie the knot and have their happy ending was the perfect end to the series.


What happens in the 15th episode of True Beauty?

Ju Kyung and Soo Ho have no other option but to accept the breakup. After, Ju Kyung stumbles upon the fact that Soo Ho is the very boy she met at the Prince Comics when she was young and struggles even more. Ju Kyung and Soo Ho have no other option but to accept the breakup.


Is Episode 16 The final episode of True Beauty?

Here we are at the final episode! Hopefully it goes well.


Why did they break up in True Beauty?

When he struggles in the US, Ju-kyung also finds it hard to adapt to school in his absence. She even gets sick because of all the stress and this is what leads to Su-ho breaking up with her over a call.


Who is Seyeon in True Beauty?

True Beauty (TV Series 2020“2021) – Chani as Jeong Se Yeon – IMDb.