what if i have two h1 on page seo

You may be now wondering how many H1 tags should be on a page. Putting an end to the worries of the webmasters, Google’s John Mueller has confirmed that the Search Engine Algorithm of Google doesn’t have any issues with a page having multiple H1 tags.

Is it OK to have more than one H1 on a page?

It is common to have multiple H1 heading tags in different parts of your page, in your website’s template, theme or other sections. Regardless of whether you use HTML5 or not, having multiple H1 elements or multiple heading tags of the same type on a page is completely fine.


How many H1 can you have on a page?

one H1
You can use H1 tags as often as you want on a page. There’s no limit, neither upper or lower bound. Your site is going to rank perfectly fine with no H1 tags or with five H1 tags. Google has even published a video on this specific topic to dispel the idea that Google recommends only one H1.


How many H1 tags do I need for SEO?

one H1
H1 tags are the main header in a web article. There should only be one H1 per page. Are h tags important for SEO? H tags are important for SEO because they tell Google what your page is about so the algorithm can figure out which terms you should rank for.


How many H1 tags should you use per page on a website?

one h1 tag
Your website should have only one h1 tag. If you have more than one h1 tag on a page, change the other h1 tags to an h2 or h3. Your h1 tag should be at the top of the page content (above any other heading tags in the page code). If your site is divided in to columns the left column may appear higher in the code.


Are duplicate H1 tags bad for SEO?

The Truth About Multiple H1 Tags and SEO. Our conclusion is that while it’s fine to stick with one H1 per page, multiple H1s can be used as long as they are not being overused to the point of spamming, and the H1s fit contextually within the structure of the page.


Are multiple H1 tags bad for accessibility?

Having multiple H1 cause no problem at all and isn’t at all disorienting. Sometimes it’s even beneficial, because it allows to jump even faster to key parts of the page; sometimes it’s better to have several H1 rather than a single H1 and several H2; a single H1 identical in all pages is in fact quite useless.


Can you have 2 H2 tags on a page?

H2 tags: You can use H2 tags for subheadings of the title, and can also have more than one H2 tag.


Do H1 tags matter for SEO?

The H1 tag is important for SEO, accessibility and usability, so ideally, you should have one on each page of your site. A H1 tag should describe what the content of the given page is all about.


Do multiple h1s affect SEO?

Having multiple h1 tags on one page will have no effect on that page’s ranking on Google.


Does Google care about H1 tags?

John Mueller went on to reaffirm that the lack of a headings or using many H1s was not something to worry about. This is likely due to Google doesn’t need or require H1 headings to rank a web page. This should be obvious to anyone who works in digital marketing.


Do you need an H1 on every page?

Every page should have an H1 and they should only appear once at the top of the page. All of your web pages should have unique page headings because every page should contain unique content. (Note “ on the University’s website you should also use Sentence case).


How do you optimize H1 tags?

H1 Tag SEO Best Practices
The H1 tag should be the same or slightly different than the page title.
Use keywords in your headings.
Avoid very long headings.
Make sure that your H1 tag is visible and not hidden to users.
Style your H1 tag differently than the rest of the headings.
Use headings in a hierarchical manner.


Are H1 tags a Google ranking factor?

H1 tags were widely considered a Google ranking factor “ and optimizing them a key SEO tactic “ through the glory days of article marketing.


Should page title and H1 be the same?

Should They Be Different? There is a lot of debate as to whether you need to write unique info for your Title Tag and H1 Tag. However, the general consensus amongst experts (including Rand Fishkin of Moz) is that it isn’t dangerous to have your Title Tag be the same as your H1 Tag.


Can H2 be bigger than H1?

Like an H1 tag, an H2 tag also appears larger than the rest of your main body text. However, H2 tags are always slightly smaller than your H1 tag, so that it does not compete with your main heading.


How do I remove duplicate h1 tags?

If you want to keep h1 tag for page title, then set it to h1 from the setting (Customize > General options > Page Title section). And change the post title tag to h2 from the Customize > Blog > Single Post section. After that, there will be no more duplicate h1 tag.


Can there be multiple header tags?

Yes you can use multiple header elements in your documents, by virtue of the w3c documentation: A header element is intended to usually contain the section’s heading (an h1“h6 element or an hgroup element), but this is not required.


Is it the most effective way to incorporate H1 heading just one time on the website page?

It is good pratice to inlcude H1 heading only once and to use H2-H6 heading in others areas.


How many H2 tags should a page have?

As many as required H2 elements to denote sections on the page (you should only need one or two or 3 if you are keeping your page concise.


Does H2 impact SEO?

Do H1 and H2 Tags Affect SEO and Rankings? The short answer: yes, h1 tags and h2 tags affect SEO and rankings “ but not in the way you might think. While search engines might have focused on keywords in the past, they have evolved and adapted to think like users.