what is microsites in seo

What’s a microsite? A microsite is a brand-specific website (or a single web page) that companies use to promote their individual products, events, or campaigns. These are hosted on their own domain or company’s subdomain and have a different URL than their company websites.

What is a microsite example?

OfficeMax: ElfYourself

ElfYourself is a great example of a microsite meant to entertain loyal customers and generate brand trust and loyalty. Users are engaging with OfficeMax outside of transactions and sales, creating a positive familiarity.


What is the purpose of a microsite?

A microsite helps give your prospects and customers a place to go to find information specific to your product, project or campaign in great detail. It’s a good idea to have a blog that has updated information about the subject.


Why microsites are a good idea?

Know that microsites can be the perfect solution if you need to: Reach a target audience or market “ they’re visually interesting, direct, and customizable to a specific need or group. Track a short-lived campaign “ they’re quicker to develop and launch, with no need for a full website.


Do microsites hurt SEO?

While microsites can serve legitimate purposes, it’s not recommended to use them solely for SEO. For SEO, focus on getting your main website rank high by producing quality, well optimized content and building relevant links.


What is the difference between a microsite and a website?

The biggest difference between a microsite and a full-fledged website is that it is not the main site for a company. They usually has less than 10 pages but could be as large as about 30 pages. They often have their own domain (e.g. mymicrosite.com) but could be hosted on a sub-domain (e.g. microsite.mycompany.com).


How do I create a microsite?

Simple Steps to build a microsite
Be clear about why and for whom you are building a microsite. Determine the reason why you want to develop a microsite
Create and buy a memorable domain name
Create engaging content
Develop an SEO strategy to promote your microsite
Сonsider the design
Launch your microsite.


When should I create a microsite?

Marketers will create a microsite to give a significant boost to just about any marketing campaign in ways that primary brand websites and other marketing tools can’t. Microsites are typically built outside of a brand’s primary website with a unique domain, eliminating the need for IT involvement.


How many pages is a microsite?

For our purposes, microsites refer to a site that is associated with an organization, but is on a separate domain or subdomain and has its own navigation, design and content¦ It is generally a one- to three-page site but is not mutually exclusive of a company’s main website.


What is a microsite URL?

A microsite is an individual web page or a small cluster of pages which are meant to function as a discrete entity within an existing website or to complement an offline activity. The microsite’s main landing page can have its own domain name or subdomain.


How can I promote my microsite?

Promote your microsite

Consider promoting your microsite on social media, through paid promotion and advertising, PR, email blasts, inbound links from your core domain, and other avenues that make sense for your brand.


Is a subdomain the same as a microsite?

Microsites are not subdomains

It’s important not to confuse microsites with subdomains, which are, as the name suggests, sites that exist under your main domain. You might have noticed the blog section of some of your favourite websites having the word ‘blog’ in front of their normal URLs.


Are microsites effective?

While many microsites promote products, they rarely have their own ecommerce infrastructure, with companies preferring to funnel buyers back to the primary retail portal. All of these components mean that microsites can be effective when targeting specific audiences and are an excellent tool for lead generation.


How do you drive traffic to a microsite?

If you’re looking for a short-term promotional campaign and have a handsome budget in hand, then sponsored search results can help you get significant traffic to your microsite. Further, you can target long-tail keywords in your campaigns to reduce the spending on ads and inviting quality traffic.


What is microsite content?

A microsite is a branded content site that lives outside of the company homepage and/or brand URL. That’s it, really.


Can a microsite have multiple pages?

[Microsites] often have multiple pages and may or may not have a unique design and different navigation menu than the main site, Booth said. When we spoke with Yaniv Masjedi, CMO at Nextiva, he explained that the general purpose of a microsite is to improve brand awareness and generate engagement.


How do I add a microsite to my website?

How to create a WordPress microsite in five easy steps
Step 1: Acquire a domain or subdomain. Firstly, you have two options for your microsite URL: a new domain or a subdomain
Step 2: Plan your microsite content and design
Step 3: Create your microsite content
Step 4: Map your domain
Step 5: Update your DNS records.


What is a WordPress microsite?

WordPress Multisite is a popular feature of WordPress, which enables you to create and run multiple websites using the same WordPress installation on your server. In other words, you can manage several different WordPress websites from a single dashboard.


How can I make a microsite for free?

But i recommend that you do as this will allow you to save your designs i’ve already got an accountMore


How much is a microsite?

MicroSites | Affordable WordPress Website for $699.


How do I create a microsite in marketing cloud?

Use Microsites
Create a Microsite. Create a microsite in CloudPages.
Create a Microsite Site Map. Create a microsite site map in Marketing Cloud CloudPages.
Define a Site Map. Define a site map in Marketing Cloud CloudPages.
Publish a Microsite. Publish a microsite in CloudPages.
Create a Site Map Version.