what is the best commenting platform for seo

A search engine results page, or SERP, is the page you see after entering a query into Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine.

Are comments good for SEO?

Blog comments have powerful SEO, networking and traffic benefits. You should regularly be leaving value-adding, long-form comments on regular blogs in your niche to help with your link building & wider digital marketing strategy. The better the comment, the better the results you’ll get from it.


How do I comment for SEO on my blog?

5 Steps to Successful Blog Commenting SEO:
Get personal. If you want people to go from your comment to your website, it’s important that they know who you are! ¦
Get your comments noticed by the right people. ¦
Say something worthwhile and relevant. ¦
Be conversational. ¦
Wait for the right moment to add your links.


How do I get my comments noticed?

11 Tips for Getting Your Comments Noticed on a Popular Blog
Be the Early Bird. One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to be get in early
Share an Example
Add a Point
Write with conviction, passion and personality
Use Humor
Ask a Question
Formatting Comments.


What is a comment system?

Comment systems, also known as commenting software, allow users to comment on a website, typically below a news article or blog post. Comment systems give website visitors the ability to engage with a website by commenting their views or reaction to the content on the page.


Does Disqus help SEO?

According to them, installing Disqus on your website will be an improvement to your site SEO. Yes, user site time, page views are one of the ranking factors by Google and other search engines.


Do HTML comments affect SEO?

They are completely ignored so no, it doesn’t affect rankings.


How do I get backlinks to my comments?

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Comment Backlinks

If you feel compelled to leave a comment with a link, try to do so on sites that are very authoritative in their niche (i.e. sites that have a domain authority of 60+ and ideally a high page authority, as well).


How do I get backlinks to my blog comments?

How to Use Blog Commenting to Get Valuable Backlinks and Traffic
Forget Everything You’ve Read So Far
Finding the Right Blogs
Organizing Your Blogs
Try to be First
Only Comment if You Have Something Valuable to Add to the Discussion
Become a Regular
Go Above and Beyond
The Results.


How do I find a blog commenting site?

List of High DA Blogging, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing blogs for Commenting
Backlinko: DA 63.
Elegant Themes Blog: DA 90.
AdvanceWebRanking: DA 55.
BloggingTips.com: DA 51.
SmartBlogger: DA 58.
Growmap.com: DA 47.
Niche Pursuits: DA 52.
RobbieRichards: DA 41.


How do you get top comments?

If you see a comment which is rising to hit the top, indicated by a large number of votes in a short amount of time, reply to it immediately. Your comment will hit many likes as well. Add to the discussion and remember that what you are saying must be useful. Useless comments rarely hit the top.


How do you make a good comment?

Top ten tips for writing a great comment
Read the article
Respond to the article
Read the other comments
Make it clear who you’re replying to
Use the return key.
Avoid sarcasm.
Avoid unnecessary acronyms.
Use facts.


How do you get noticed on social media?

11 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Audience
Hold contests
Include a visual with every post
Share more video
Be proactive in listening to and responding to your online community
Change your Page profile photos and cover photos
Give people a reason to follow you
Encourage tagging
Use hashtags to get found.


What is a commenting platform?

Commenting systems, also called commenting platforms, add commenting functionality to websites (such as blogs and news sites) that post content.


What is online comment system?

The Online Commenting System (OCS) is a system for defined stakeholders to insert, share, and submit comments on documents; for secretariats to compile comments in an easy and efficient manner (with the click of a button) and to provide data for analysis.


How do you implement comments on a website?

HTML Comment Box
First log in to your Google account
Then go to the HTML Comment Box.
In the blue box, click on Log in.
You will be taken to your Google email account.
Enter your login information.
Once completed you will be taken back to the HTML Comment box site.


Why is Disqus shutting down?

Due to the high volume and nature of the Terms of Service violations present in the Channels system, we ultimately decided to remove Channels from Disqus entirely. We made this decision with the goal of keeping everyone’s best interest in mind.


Why you should use Disqus?

At its core, Disqus is a third party system that provides commenting and other community features. The Disqus service also acts as an intrinsic network that connects each of these enabled websites together. Disqus uses JavaScript to embed, or display, the system onto the page.


Should I use Disqus?

Pros of using Disqus comment system

Clean and professional looking. Smart at detecting spam, no need for additional plugins (Since integrating Disqus on my blogs, spam has been almost non-existent.) Integrates social media engagement into your blog, a very big plus point. Built-in ‘reply to comment’ email notification.


Why we should never use HTML comments?

What are the negatives of HTML comments? worsens the UX – even not visible, the HTML comments are part of the DOM tree and increase the number of DOM elements. This, in turn, affects the quickness and responsiveness, also leads to slower CSS selectors and DOM manipulation.


How do I make HTML SEO friendly?

How to Make Your Website Source Code Optimized for SEO
Know thy source code! This is what source code looks like: .
Title tag. The title tag is the most important element on any web page
Meta description
H1 heading tag
Internal links and anchor text
Nofollow links
Image alt tags
Canonical tag.