Interesting Things To Google

25 Interesting Things To Google

Interesting Things To Google, Many people rely on Google every day. Let’s have a break from that and explore the entertaining searches and games that Google has buried within its massive data structures. To sate our insatiable thirst for information, we frequent Google on a daily basis. 

It’s a cool thing to show off to your pals and flaunt your nerdiness. The point of these Google techniques may be unclear. As for evidence, well, there is none! Just some amusing Google-related pursuits. 

Do A Barrel Roll

Interesting Things To Google, Asking Google to perform a barrel roll is one of the most often performed fun Google tricks. Enter “perform a barrel roll” into Google and watch the magic happen. After two complete revolutions, the page will reset to its original orientation. Please have a look.

Voice Search

Google now supports voice searches. Simply click the Microphone icon in the Google Chrome browser or the Google app on Android or iOS, then tell Google what you’re looking for and it will display the results based on your voice.

Atari’s Breakout

While there have been several variations of the board game, the original Atari Breakout from the 1990s remains an all-time classic. Do not pass up this opportunity if you have never had it before.

You can play the classic Atari breakout game right here by clicking on the link and scrolling down the page. A Google search will no longer provide results for the game, but you may still play it on Google’s mirror site, elgooG. 

To play the classic game, you’ll see that every Google image has been converted into a block. In the space below, please share the highest possible score you achieved.

Get Your Game On With Google Play

Interesting Things To Google, You can play some old-school arcade games on Google, right? Find the game you want to play and press the Play button.

Tic-tac-toe, Snake, Solitaire, and Minesweeper are all available games. One of the most effective ways to use Google is to play games.

The likes of PAC-MAN, Minesweeper, Snake, Solitaire, and Tic-Tac-Toe are all playable. One of the most effective ways to use Google is to play games.

Did you realise that some old-school arcade games may be found on the search engine Google? You may quickly start playing by looking for the game you choose and tapping the Play button.

As soon as you enter this search query, the Google logo in the upper left corner of the screen will leap out of its usual position and begin bouncing around the screen. Just go to Google Search and look up “DVD screensaver” to see Google’s tribute to the timeless screensaver of the DVD player era. 

Askew: Interesting Things To Google

One another of Google’s amusing tactics is called “askew.” If you type “Askew” into Google’s search box, you’ll notice that the page shifts slightly. The largest search engine slanting a little on your desktop is great, but it doesn’t appear as interesting as the other hilarious Google pranks.

Google “Gravity”

Interesting Things To Google, Gravity has some really incredible effects, even on Google sites. Here’s how you can finally bring Google to its knees.

On the main page, under “I’m feeling lucky,” enter “Google Gravity.” Simply clicking on it will take you to one of Google’s many entertaining side projects known as “Google Gravity.” This was developed by Hi-Res as a Chrome Experiment.

Unfortunately, few people are aware that the “Gravity trick” is actually a dynamic Google query. However, navigating to the various menus may become time-consuming.


Interesting Things To Google, If you try to look for “recursion” on Google, you’ll end up in a never-ending loop, just like recursion. As the name implies, recursion is a form of looping repetition.

You need to know recursion in order to comprehend it. If you work in IT, you’ll appreciate this neat Google trick.

Google will always suggest “Did you mean: recursion” whenever you search for recursion. Once again, this is a fun idea from Google for math nerds who understand recursion.


All you Marvel lovers out there will appreciate this neat Google trick. To learn the “Thanos snap trick,” visit elgooG. When the search results page loads, just scroll to the right to read Marvel’s profile on the nefarious villain you’re interested in.

Now you can see Google’s page rankings crumble to bits when you click the “Gauntlet” icon that appears beneath Google Images.


Interesting Things To Google, A classic example of a joke that isn’t humorous but still makes you laugh, this one is perfect for your dad. Well, the Google Developers version is finally here.

Google will question if you meant “Nag A Ram” when you search for “Anagram.” It is merely a made-up word, a pun on the word “Anagram.”

Image-based search

Google’s search capabilities extend beyond text to include visual content. This is a handy Google Search hack that not many people are aware of. Simply said, you may do a visual search for similar photographs. 

Additionally, there are a variety of additional reverse image search tools available on this page.NGoogle’s Reverse Image Search works exceptionally well for adding background information to photos, but it has trouble with human faces. 

The cam icon in the Google Images search box is not lost on you, is it? Simply select the Camera option, then either copy and paste the URL of an image or select an image from your computer’s storage to begin an image search. When an image is available but no background information is available, this comes in quite handy.

Yes, it can recognise well-known persons, but regular folks are a different story. There are search engines that do a better job than reverse image search if that’s what you’re looking for.

Do A Coin Toss

Interesting Things To Google, You read it right; Google provides assistance via a nifty gimmick that allows you to flip a digital coin. If you’ve ever needed to make a snap decision based on a coin toss but couldn’t locate a suitable candidate, this is the post for you. To be limited in such a way in this day and age, however, is absurd.

If you type “flip a coin” into Google’s search bar, an animated depiction of a coin flip and the result will appear alongside your search results. Instead of digging for a coin the next occasion you need to flip a coin, pull out your phone and utilise this nifty Google Search trick.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking television series “Friends,” Google programmed an Easter egg based on the acronym “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” This would be at the top of my list of “awesome things to Google” if I were to ever make such a thing.

To access the hidden content, simply combine a search for the name of any character from a comedy with the term “friends.” If you type in “Ross Friends” or “Monica Friends,” for instance, the desktop will display separate icons for Ross and Monica. 

It’s really visible on a mobile device. Just by clicking the symbol, you’ll be treated to some amazing effects: Additionally, if you search Google for “Friends Glossary,” you can get hilarious explanations of terms from the show’s dialogue.

Interesting Things To Google


Interesting Things To Google, Despite the fact that it isn’t a Google search trick per such, it’s nonetheless entertaining. Simply navigate to the Google Earth Timelapse website, select the location you’re interested in, and enjoy the timelapse (this might take time to load for some users).

With Google Earth’s Timelapse tool, users may observe the area’s development over the course of 37 years. This tool can be used to observe the growth of major cities through time, the destruction of forests, the melting of polar ice, and other similar phenomena.

Sounds Of Animals

Check out the results for “Animal Sounds” if you’re seeking something entertaining to do online. Different animal noises can be played as the search results page loads.

To adjust the sound of an animal, tap the speaker icon that appears next to its name in the search results.

Sliding Cha-Cha

Wanna pick up some sweet new dance moves? In the highlighted box, click the microphone button to search for Cha-Cha Slide. Do not stop clicking it and trying different strategies.

It Was Google In 1988

Interesting Things To Google, Have you ever imagined what it was like to use Google when it first launched in 1988? Check it out for yourself by visiting elgooG and clicking on “Google in 1988.” A cursory search will reveal that, in those pre-Google days, only a handful of sites appeared in the results. Furthermore, there were no pictures included.

Try Looking For Exercises For Deep Breathing On Google

Know that serenity is simply a Google search away if you ever feel overwhelmed by workplace stress. There’s a built-in function on the search engine that leads you through some deep breathing exercises.

Google breathing exercise, then hit the play button to activate this function. After that, Google will lead you through a minute-long breathing exercise and provide some guidance.

Make More Efficient Queries Using Search Operators

Interesting Things To Google, Google search allows you to narrow your results by providing a variety of “search operators” to narrow down your query. You can use operators like “OR,” “And,” “*,” “-,” and more. Typical applications of these query constructs are provided below.

When writing a search query, the OR operator is used to specify a list of options where only one will do. If you type those words into Google, it will return results that contain at least one of them. Example searches utilising “buy cheap Android OR iPhone” would really be shorter searches of “buy cheap Android” and “buy cheap iPhone,” and would return results for both searches.

By using AND, you can specify which terms in your search query must be present. Google returns a set of results containing both of those phrases. If you type “rent cheap AND adorned house,” for instance, you’ll get back results that have both “cheap” and “decorated.”

Using an asterisk * (star) to indicate a search for an unknowable word. When an asterisk (*) is included in a search query, Google returns results that contain any word or combination of words following the asterisk. For the late British Prime Minister Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, try “Winston * Churchill,” which will bring up relevant results.

Disallowable words in a query can be marked with a negative sign (‘-‘). Google will return results that do not contain such words. For instance, if you type “purchase windows laptop -dell,” only laptops that aren’t made by ‘dell’ will be returned.

Bet On A Roll Of The Dice

You can acquire a random result from Google Search by clicking on a digital die that is embedded in the search engine and starting the rolling animation. More than one die can be rolled at once, and there are several to pick from. Even better, the search engine includes a counter, saving you the trouble of keeping track of your own roll of the dice.

You can apply this technique by searching the web for the phrase “roll dice” or “roll die.” The outcomes reveal an in-app dice application where you can roll the die by clicking “Roll,” add more dice to the pool by clicking “Add,” and collect the active dice by clicking “Collect.”


Interesting Things To Google, In terms of practicality, these Google tips have virtually no limits. You can use Google Search as a timer and stopwatch with this handy tip.

All you have to do is type “countdown,” “timer,” or “stopwatch” into Google to obtain these two helpful tools. From the results page, select the “Timer” or “Stopwatch” tab to access the respective timekeeping or stopwatching tool.

Coding Secrets Of Google

Google Search is available in a variety of languages, not just the official languages like English, Hindi, French, etc. but also languages that are deeply ingrained in popular culture. The search engine supports the following fictional and unofficial languages:

  • Klingon
  • Three times the bork!
  • Slang used by pirates
  • Elmer Fudd’s User Control Panel
  • Language of the Swine
  • Hacker

The Languages section of the Search Settings page (Google Search > Settings > Search Settings > Languages > More) also allows you to switch your language at any moment.

Zerg Rush

Even though Zerg Rush is no longer available, you may use the same great Google search experience at elgooG, a Google mirror developed by the All Too Flat.

Select Zeg Rush on elgooG. In a few seconds, several ‘o’s will float down from the search bar, consume the entire page, and leave nothing left. As a viewer, you’ll enjoy it.

Another way to get to the secret Google feature is to type “Zerg Rush” into the search field and then click “I am feeling lucky.”

Conduct Individual Lookups

Interesting Things To Google, Google has a lot of capabilities, but privacy advocates should probably look elsewhere due to tracking fears. You can use Startpage, an alternative to Google, to conduct searches without being tracked or having your privacy compromised in any way. 

Google search results are displayed, but your IP address, location, and other personal details are not recorded in any way. A wide variety of Google-compatible search engines exist for those who prefer to conduct searches in privacy.

Use The Search Box To Look For Something Specific

You’ll get better results from a search if you use specific terms, so take the time to carefully craft your queries. Think about the information you need and enter the search terms accordingly. 

As an illustration, “Google tips tricks” is preferable than “what are the tricks and advice for Google?” since the first phrase allows Google to search for the appropriate phrases while omitting the latter.

Food Is The Ace In The Hole

If you’re trying to lose weight or are just curious about the relative nutritional value of various meals, a simple search like “apples vs oranges” will provide a side-by-side comparison of their individual characteristics.

Explore Your Area Of Interest

Interesting Things To Google, Adding a city or postal code at the end of your search query will narrow your results to just that area. Forget about getting search results based on Google’s assumption about your physical location based solely on your IP address; doing this will override Google’s default practice. Types like “food joints in New Delhi” or “food joints 110033” will return results for restaurants in New Delhi.