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How To Do A Blog Tour

How To Do A Blog Tour

How do I make a blog book tour? With you or you’ve recorded a podcast or even if you’ve created a book trailer. They may just putMore

What is a book review tour? A blog tour is where your book features on a different book blog every day for a week or two. Content will range from a review of your book, to a guest post from you, the author. This content will then be shared on social media. Some publishers will run a blog tour for you, usually in the lead up to publication day.

What is a virtual book tour? During a virtual book tour, you find blogs with big followings of readers interested in your genre or niche. You then ask them for an opportunity to write about your new book. This is a great marketing opportunity for authors to reach a larger audience than a traditional book tour would.

How To Do A Blog Tour – Related Questions

What happens on a blog tour?

Blog tours are an easy, effective and inexpensive way to spread the word about a new book on social media. The tours are normally organised by the publisher or a freelance Blog Tour Organiser. Book bloggers are invited on the tour to review the book on a specific day on or around publication date.

Do blog tours work?

Online exposure is the main benefit of using a blog tour to promote your book. It hits a different audience than, say, an NPR interview or local newspaper review. Sure, an unbiased review from a huge publication is fantastic publicity, but what the fans are saying can have a similar impact.

How do book tours work?

A book tour is a promotion for a newly published book in which the author tours a region to do bookselling, present to the media, and meet the people who would read the book.

How can I write a book online for free?

Best Free Online Writing Tools to Write a Book
Google Docs.
Kindle Vella.
Scrivener app.
Pomodoro Timer.
Ulysses app.
Cliché Finder.

How do I set up my own book tour?

How to Set Up Your Own Book Tour
Establish a budget.
Send out copies.
Consider teaming with another writer.
Don’t limit yourself to bookstores.
Think beyond a standard reading.
Consider a virtual book tour.
Go where people know you.
Practice efficient scheduling.

How much does a virtual book tour cost?

What they provide (prices range from $199 to $799): Bronze Tour Package — 10 stops (over the course of one month) Silver Tour Package — 18–20 stops (over the course of one month) Gold Tour Package — 30+ stops (over the course of two months)

Are book tours necessary?

Author readings and book tours are not an essential component of the writing or publishing processes, and so these events have long been associated with a kind of miasmic purposelessness.

What is an Instagram tour?

The idea is to offer a behind-the-scenes, curated tour of a historic place and have attendees document the experience through photographs. The photographs are then aggregated and shared on Instagram and labeled with a hashtag that helps identify the event.

What is a Storygram tour?

Storygram Tours launched in February 2017 and is dedicated to promoting books through Instagram and TikTok tours. We currently feature picture, Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult and Adult books on Instagram and Young Adult, Adult, Romance on Tiktok.

How do you host a book signing event?

What You Need Before Your Book Signing Event
Have a polished book.
Reach out a few months in advance of your target date.
Ask the venue if they will be providing the books.
Order promotional items.
Order business cards.
Create buzz on your social media platforms and website.
Reach out to friends and family members.

Do book tours make money?

Probably never. If an author pulls in an audience of 100 people who buy a $20 book, that makes about $1,000 for the publisher. If they have to fly the author to the city, pay a PR person to arrange the signing, and then pay for a hotel or other transportation, the left-over profit is pretty uninspiring.

Do publishers pay for book tours?

For publishers, sending authors on tour is expensive—they have to cover transport, meals, and nice hotels. And perhaps more importantly, touring doesn’t necessarily translate into better book sales.

Do authors need to travel?

As for writing, traveling can make you become a better writer by developing a well-rounded mindset. Vision and insight from traveling experiences can enhance your writing, of course. However, traveling extensively might not necessarily contribute to such growth and can possibly and sadly end up the other way around.

How do I write a book with no experience?

How to write a book with no experience
Don’t start with an entire book if you’ve never written fiction before.
Learn to write about your own life in a creative way.
Try writing prompts or write fanfiction.
Learn from your favourite books.
Don’t get discouraged before you’ve even started!

How many pages should a book be?

When wondering how many pages a book should be, it is notable that the average book length is between 200-400 pages. With this in mind, what considerations should be taken when deciding how long a book should be? Check comparable titles. Go to a bookstore and find your book’s genre.

How can I get paid for writing stories?

20 Best Ways You Can Earn Money Writing Fiction Online Stories In.
Reader’s Digest.
The People’s Friend.
The Sun Magazine.
The Barefoot Writer.
Fireside Magazine.
One Story.
Take a Break.

How do I prepare for a book tour?

These tips for planning a book tour apply not just to indie authors but to anyone looking to hit the road in support of a new title.
Target indie bookstores—and not just because of good publishing karma.
Contact bookstores as far in advance in possible.
Give bookstores both general and specific reasons to host you.

How do you get on a local book tour?

How do you arrange your own book tour? If your book is released in print, call all of the bookstores within a two hour’s drive from your home (or as far as you are willing to travel). Offer to do a free reading at their store, as a local author. The owner/s will want to see a press kit, so make sure you have one ready.

How do virtual book signings work?

a) Sign and Mail a Paper Copy of Your Book

Then during the event, you can offer that anyone who buys your book through the event can have it personally signed by you on camera. They can chat with you and see you signing their book live. And after the event, you’ll ship the signed copy directly to them.

Do all authors do book tours?

Many authors are also working while they tour

But I mean that many if not most are also trying to do their “regular” work — writing or editing what they’ve written.

Author book signings are only the cost of their books. You do not pay extra for their signature.

Where do authors do book signings?

Check Your Local Bookstores’ Event Pages

If you’re looking for book signings in your area, check out your local bookstores’ event pages on their websites. Bookstores will often update their event pages months in advance so readers can see which authors are coming to their area to meet with readers.