What are the best ways to learn web development for free?

What are the best ways to learn web development for free?

Free coding lessons exist. Suppose you have access to the right tools. There are many free websites, books, YouTube videos, and podcasts that can help you become a great developer. Before spending money on a specific programming language or set of classes, you can use these free tools to learn to code and find out what you like and don’t like. After taking enough free lessons, you’ll figure out how to play and level up quickly and satisfactorily.

1. FreeCodeCamp:

Quincy Larson made this site. It has a unique learning path with three parts. You will start by doing exercises and projects to learn the basics of web programming with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Then you can focus on web development, computer security, Python data science, testing, or something else.

Lastly, the community of FreeCodeCamp will help you prepare for your interview. You can also sign up for free certification programs and get hands-on experience by volunteering for good causes that need your skills. Unfortunately, I tell everyone who wants to learn English to start there.

2. OpenEducation.org:

The Site du Zéro, which used to be called OpenClassrooms, has been shut down. More than 15 years ago, I started using this website as a resource and making C and Python courses. Even though the website has changed a lot since then, it is still a great place to learn how to program in French! OpenClassrooms has courses on office automation, design, systems and networks, data, and many other things. There are also different languages and frameworks used for IT development.

3. Developpez.com:

Developpez.com is a developer community with many courses in almost all programming languages, as well as a blog and a forum with many French-speaking users.


BitDegree is a website for learning in Europe. It has video lessons on various topics, such as programming, marketing, and blockchain technology. There are free video tutorials for Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Solidity, and many other computer science topics.

5. Codecademy:

Codecademy is where most coding beginners start. On the platform, you can discover many different ways to improve your language skills. Codecademy has a good reputation for offering interactive exercises that combine reading and writing code in the browser to get quick results.

6. Coursera:

Coursera is one of the best websites for learning to code for free because it has a wide range of courses taught by experts. The website has an extensive collection of online classes taught by actual professors. Even though all of the systems are free, you can pay a few tens of euros to get a “Coursera-approved certification” as proof that you have finished the courses. When you buy a certification, you might get access to things that aren’t in the free edition. Coursera also has “Specialisations,” which are groups of courses that go together and end with a capstone project.

7. edX:

EdX, a MOOC-style open-source higher education program supported by MIT and Harvard, is another excellent place to learn to code online for free. The “Computing” section of the website has many high-quality courses covering a wide range of programming languages. Like Coursera, you can pay a few tens of dollars to get a formal certification with a unique number that you can then put on LinkedIn and other places.

8. CodinGame:

On the website CodinGame, which was started by people from Montpellier in 2010, you can learn how to code by playing games. You can also let businesses look at your profile and make job offers based on your skills instead of your resume. So, CodinGame is excellent if you want to learn through fun activities, a more specific teaching method, or if you like competition and want to be the best.

9. Code Fight:

CodeCombat, primarily for kids, teaches them how to code by making it fun and encouraging them to collect experience and badges, just like its French-speaking neighbour above.

10. Codewars:

Codewars is a fun way to learn how to code that is also useful. The program is based on “kata,” martial arts exercises. You can move up in ranks and earn honour points by doing them. If you like games, it’s a great way to learn to program online.

11. UN General Assembly:

This is the free online learning space for the General Assembly, where boot camps are held worldwide. GA Dash is a great way to learn to code online if you enjoy getting dirty work on projects. You can build “your website,” “a responsive design blog theme,” and “a modest site for a business,” according to the course outline.

12. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy has a lot of different subjects, and many of them are about computer programming. So that the whole family can learn to code for free, there are even courses for very young kids.

13. To Include Online Classes:

Even though getting into MIT is complex, taking a MOOC or online course is free. There is an online version of every MIT class, and you don’t need an account to get to it. Just search for “course” to get started.

14. Odin’s Project:

You will systematically learn web programming, starting with simple scripts and moving on to real-world projects that use The Odin Project. Developers made it at Viking Code School. They run the free and open-source Bootcamp, The Odin Project. You can always ask for help from other students in the online discussion group as you use their free programming courses to learn how to code.

15. Ignorance:

Udacity has free coding courses and “nano degrees” that help you prepare for jobs like web developer or data analyst. Nanodegrees need money, but course materials are free.

16. SoloLearn.com:

SoloLearn is a social platform that gives away free classes in coding. It’s a little different from the others because it uses a “mobile-first” strategy, which means that it was made to start on your phone. SoloLearn makes learning to code more accessible and fun by giving you shorter lectures and interactive quizzes.

17. Bento.io:

Bento is a company based in New York whose goal is to make coding fun and easy so that people will want to become programmers. Because they cover more than 200 IT topics, you’ll be able to find anything.

18. Udemy:

On the Udemy platform, anyone can make courses available to everyone who has signed up. There are often coupons that can be used to get into free classes, but many systems can also be bought for money.

19 . Do better:

UpSkill is a free web development Bootcamp that is based on projects. By making up a fake company called DevMatch, you can improve your coding skills and learn how to add features to websites like Facebook, Dropbox, and Salesforce.

20. Code.org:

Code.org is a goodwill project that wants to make the computing world more diverse by giving women and people of colour the best learning tools available. Since Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates talked about their “Hour of Code” course, you can get started with this tutorial.