Decoding Major Arcana: Understanding the Significance of Key Tarot Cards

When it comes to entering the fascinating world of tarot, the Major Arcana is one of the significant features of the tarot that comes to our mind first. This is a special set of 22 cards that show us life’s spiritual and karmic lessons. Many see the Major Arcana as the core or “heart” of a tarot deck. These cards give us a deep look into our life’s journey.

In this article, we’ll focus on some important cards from the Major Arcana, uncover their symbols and learn what insights they bring. Moreover, if you want to practise online tarot reading, click on the link –!

Now, let’s dive right into the important cards of the Major Arcana!

●     The Fool

Let’s talk about the first card in the Major Arcana –The Fool– even though it’s numbered 0. This card represents the beginning of a journey, filled with innocence, possibility, and sudden decisions. When The Fool appears in a reading, it’s a hint of a fresh start. This might mean a new travel opportunity or a symbolic personal journey.

Most images of The Fool depict a young man about to step off a cliff, not noticing the dog trying to alert him. This image speaks to us about the balance between danger and adventure when trying something new. Starting a new chapter can bring both excitement and worry. However, The Fool encourages us to move forward with optimism and curiosity, ready to embrace life’s uncertainties.

Furthermore, The Fool is more than just about new beginnings. It’s about our soul’s path in life. As we face new challenges and learn valuable lessons, we always aim for personal growth and a deeper understanding of the world.

●     The Magician

Next, The Magician is another key card in the Major Arcana. This card is all about harnessing your potential, showing that you have the power and resources to shape your destiny.

When you look at The Magician card, you’ll see a figure standing by an altar. On this altar, there are four items: a wand, a cup, a sword, and a pentacle. These items symbolize the four elements – fire, water, air, and earth. They remind us of the strength we have when we blend different resources and talents together for a single goal.

If The Magician appears in your reading, take it as a sign. It’s telling you to believe in yourself, recognize your talents, and put them to good use. It also speaks of transformation and creating your own path in life, much like alchemy. It sends a powerful message: we can shape our own destiny, especially when we act with purpose and believe in our actions.

●     The Death

The Death card is often misinterpreted by many. Contrary to its name, the Death card doesn’t suggest a literal end of life. Instead, it speaks of transformation, the close of one chapter, and the dawning of another. Think of it as a symbol of change, cycles, and rebirth.

When you look at the Death card, you’ll often find an image of a skeleton on a horse, with fallen figures beneath it. At first glance, this might appear dark and ominous. However, it’s crucial to see past this initial image. It’s much like how the cold, barren winter gives way to the fresh bloom of spring. Every ending sets the stage for a new beginning.

If the Death card appears in your reading, don’t be alarmed. It’s a signal that it’s time to move on from something that’s no longer benefiting you. By doing so, you open up space for new, positive experiences.

●     The Empress

The Empress is a symbol of feminine energy and abundance. She’s often pictured surrounded by rich and vibrant nature, wearing a crown decorated with stars. This card deeply connects with themes of fertility, nurturing, and bounty.

Whenever The Empress shows up in a reading, think of creation in all its forms. It might be the start of a new project, the growth of a relationship, or even the birth of a child. Around her, life flourishes, showcasing the endless cycles and riches of the Earth.

If The Empress appears to you, take a moment to care for yourself and your dreams. At the same time, she nudges you to appreciate nature and recognize how deeply we are intertwined with our environment and its natural rhythms.

●     The Emperor

On the flip side, we have The Emperor, the masculine counterpart to The Empress. This card centers on themes of leadership, order, and structure.

The Emperor’s typical depiction is that of a stern leader, seated on his throne, holding symbolic items like an ankh and an orb. These images reinforce his roles as an authority figure, a protector, and a guide. He stands strong, a beacon of responsibility and power.

When The Emperor comes into a reading, it might be pointing to a need for structure in your life. Maybe it’s time to set some boundaries, or perhaps it’s hinting at a dominant person playing a role in your journey. Unlike The Empress, who encourages natural and organic growth, The Emperor stresses the importance of planning and organization.

●     The Lovers

The Lovers card isn’t just about love in a romantic sense. It’s about making decisions, finding balance, and coming together in unity. When you see this card, you often find two figures – Adam and Eve – with an angel watching over them, symbolizing divine guidance.

More than just love, The Lovers card nudges us to think about our values and the commitments we make. Yes, it can point to relationships and unity, but at its core, it’s about making choices that resonate with our true selves.

So, when faced with a decision, The Lovers encourages you to listen to your heart and ensure your choices align with what you truly believe.

●     The Hermit

The Hermit card stands for introspection, solitude, and the search within. Instead of looking outside for answers, this card urges us to turn inward.

Often, The Hermit is depicted as a wise old man holding a lantern. This isn’t just any light – it symbolizes the inner wisdom that can guide us even in our darkest times.

When this card comes up in a reading, it could mean a period of self-reflection or perhaps the need to consult someone wiser for guidance. It reminds us to trust our inner voice and seek our truths within.


The Major Arcana, with its blend of symbols, offers a unique reflection of our shared and personal human experiences. It’s a journey from The Fool’s bright-eyed hope to The Hermit’s deep self-reflection. Cards like The Empress and Emperor highlight the dance of nature and order, while The Lovers talk about our life-defining decisions.

As we move through life’s ups and downs, the tarot reading acts as a guiding light. It prompts self-reflection, understanding, and growth. By diving into the rich symbolism of the Major Arcana, we understand ourselves better, drawing out life lessons and insights.