How To Turn Off Shipping On Facebook Marketplace When Selling

How To Turn Off Shipping On Facebook Marketplace When Selling


How To Turn Off Shipping On Facebook Marketplace When Selling: Selling items on Facebook Marketplace has become an increasingly popular way to declutter your space, earn some extra cash, or even launch a small online business. However, not all sellers are keen on dealing with the complexities and logistics of shipping items to buyers. If you prefer a more straightforward, local selling experience and want to avoid the hassle of shipping, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to turn off shipping on Facebook Marketplace. By following these simple instructions, you can limit your sales to local buyers who can pick up the items in person. This not only streamlines the selling process but also helps you build a network of local customers who may return for future purchases.

Whether you’re a seasoned Facebook Marketplace seller or just getting started, knowing how to disable shipping options can make your selling experience more convenient and efficient. So, let’s dive into the process and discover how you can enjoy the benefits of selling to your local community without the complexities of shipping logistics.

How To Turn Off Shipping On Facebook Marketplace When Selling

How do I turn off shipped items on Marketplace?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to turn the “Ships to You” items permanently off. You have to select the filters every time you search for an item in the Facebook Marketplace. Even when you choose the right filters, you still might see the “Ships to You” items, but in a smaller number.

Facebook Marketplace doesn’t provide an explicit option to turn off or hide your shipped items from the view of other users. Once an item has been marked as “Shipped” or “Sold” on Facebook Marketplace, it typically remains visible on your profile with a “Sold” tag.

However, if you want to declutter your Marketplace listings or no longer want to showcase sold or shipped items, you can consider these steps:

Delete the Listing: Go to your Facebook Marketplace profile, find the listing you want to remove, and click on it. Then, click the three dots (…) in the upper-right corner of the listing and select “Delete.” This will remove the listing from your active listings.

Archive the Conversation: If the item is marked as “Shipped” because of a conversation with a buyer, you can archive or delete the conversation thread. This won’t remove the listing, but it will make it less prominent in your Messenger app.

Adjust Privacy Settings: You can also consider adjusting your privacy settings to restrict who can see your Marketplace activity. This won’t hide the listings entirely, but it can limit their visibility to certain groups of people.

Do you have to offer shipping on Facebook Marketplace?

Depending on the type of item you’re selling, you may want to offer shipping and checkout, local pickup or both. Please keep in mind that there’s a selling fee for items sold with shipping and checkout, which helps us provide Purchase Protection for eligible purchases.

Offering shipping on Facebook Marketplace is optional. Facebook Marketplace provides two primary methods for selling items:

Local Pickup: This is the traditional way of selling on Marketplace, where you list your items, and interested buyers in your local area can message you to arrange a meeting for the exchange of goods and payment. Shipping is not involved in local pickup transactions, and it’s entirely up to you and the buyer to coordinate the logistics.

Shipping: Facebook Marketplace introduced the option to offer shipping for certain items. When listing an item, you can choose to offer shipping, and buyers from a wider geographic area can purchase your item. In this case, you’ll be responsible for packaging the item and arranging its shipment through a designated shipping carrier.

Whether you offer shipping or not depends on your preferences and the nature of the items you’re selling. Offering shipping can expand your potential buyer base and make it more convenient for buyers who aren’t local. However, it also involves additional responsibilities, such as packaging and shipping logistics.

Please note that Facebook Marketplace features and policies may change, so it’s a good idea to visit the Facebook Marketplace Help Center or check the latest updates within the Marketplace settings for the most current information on offering shipping.

What happens if you don’t ship on Facebook Marketplace?

For items you sell with shipping and checkout, you’ll need to: Ship the item within 3 business days of confirming the order. Make sure to mark it as shipped and enter a tracking number. Our system will automatically cancel the order if it hasn’t been marked as shipped, regardless of any agreement made with the buyer.

If you list an item for sale with shipping as an option on Facebook Marketplace but fail to ship the item as promised, several consequences may occur:

Negative Feedback: The buyer can leave negative feedback and a poor rating on your Marketplace profile, which can affect your reputation as a seller. This feedback is visible to other potential buyers and may deter them from purchasing from you in the future.

Refund Request: The buyer has the right to request a refund if they haven’t received the item as described or within a reasonable time frame. Failure to issue a refund may result in escalated disputes and complaints.

Account Restrictions: Repeated instances of not shipping items or engaging in fraudulent behavior can lead to account restrictions or bans on Facebook Marketplace. This can prevent you from using the platform for future sales.

Loss of Trust: Failing to ship items can lead to a loss of trust among potential buyers, making it challenging to sell items successfully in the future, both locally and through shipping options.

How do I make FB Marketplace local only?

Go to your Facebook news feed. Click on the Marketplace icon. Go to Filters. Under “Location,” choose the location and distance you want.

Facebook Marketplace typically defaults to showing listings from users in your local area. However, if you want to ensure that your listings are visible to local buyers only and that you only see listings from local sellers, you can follow these steps:

Update Your Location:

Make sure your Facebook account’s location settings are accurate and set to your local area. Go to your Facebook profile, click on “About,” and then check your current city and location settings.

Create Listings with Local Pickup:

When creating a new listing on Facebook Marketplace, choose “Local pickup” as the delivery method. This indicates that you are only offering the item for sale to local buyers who can physically pick up the item.

Set Your Preferred Location:

You can also set your preferred location by going to the Marketplace section on the Facebook app or website. Click on “Marketplace” and then “Settings.” Under “Preferred location,” choose your desired location radius (e.g., 10 miles) to narrow down the search results to your local area.

Filter and Browse Local Listings:

When you browse Marketplace, use the filter options to refine your search to “Local” or specify a distance range to see listings within your preferred radius.

How To Turn Off Shipping On Facebook Marketplace When Selling

How do I disable shipping options for my Facebook Marketplace listings?

Disabling shipping options for your Facebook Marketplace listings is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Access Facebook Marketplace: Log in to your Facebook account, and click on the Marketplace icon, usually found on the left-hand side of your Facebook homepage or in the app’s navigation bar at the bottom.

Create or Edit a Listing: You can either create a new listing or edit an existing one that you want to disable shipping for. To create a new listing, click “Create New Listing.” To edit an existing listing, find it in your Marketplace listings and click “Edit.”

Adjust Delivery Preferences: In the listing details, scroll down to the “Delivery method” section. Here, you’ll find options such as “Shipping” and “Local pickup.” To disable shipping, simply uncheck the “Shipping” option.

Set Local Pickup as Default: Once you’ve unchecked the “Shipping” option, make sure that “Local pickup” is selected as the preferred delivery method. This ensures that buyers understand that the item is for local pickup only.

Save Changes: After making these adjustments, scroll to the bottom of the listing page and click “Save” or “Post.” If you’re editing an existing listing, your changes will be saved automatically.

Can I choose to sell exclusively to local buyers on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can choose to sell exclusively to local buyers on Facebook Marketplace by disabling shipping options for your listings. Facebook Marketplace allows sellers to specify their preferred delivery methods, and one of these options is “Local pickup.” Here’s how you can ensure that your listings are available only to local buyers:

Access Facebook Marketplace: Log in to your Facebook account and go to Facebook Marketplace, either through the Facebook app or website.

Create or Edit a Listing: You can create a new listing by clicking “Create New Listing” or edit an existing one by selecting the listing you want to modify.

Delivery Preferences: In the listing details, look for the “Delivery method” section. Here, you will see options like “Shipping” and “Local pickup.” To sell exclusively to local buyers, uncheck the “Shipping” option and ensure that “Local pickup” is selected.

Save Changes: After disabling shipping and selecting “Local pickup” as your preferred delivery method, save your listing by clicking the “Save” or “Post” button.

This is particularly convenient if you prefer face-to-face transactions and want to avoid the complexities and costs associated with shipping items to distant buyers. It’s a great way to connect with your local community and streamline your selling experience on Facebook Marketplace.

What are the benefits of turning off shipping for my Marketplace listings?

Turning off shipping for your Facebook Marketplace listings offers several benefits, especially if you prefer local transactions and want to simplify your selling experience:

Local Connections: Disabling shipping options means you’ll primarily engage with local buyers who can pick up items in person. This can lead to stronger connections within your community.

Faster Transactions: Local pickups typically result in quicker transactions since there’s no need to package, ship, or wait for delivery.

Lower Costs: You can avoid shipping costs, packaging expenses, and potential disputes over damaged or lost items associated with shipping.

Reduced Complexity: Managing local transactions is generally less complex than dealing with shipping logistics, tracking, and delivery concerns.

Instant Payment: Local buyers often pay in cash or through local payment methods, providing immediate access to funds.

Personal Interaction: Face-to-face transactions allow for personal interaction and verification of the item’s condition, which can build trust with buyers.

Avoiding Shipping Risks: You can sidestep risks related to shipping, such as items getting lost or damaged in transit, leading to fewer disputes and returns.

Sustainable Practices: Local transactions often have a smaller environmental footprint compared to shipping items over long distances, contributing to eco-friendly practices.

Community Engagement: Selling locally fosters a sense of community engagement and supports local commerce.

Is it possible to enable and disable shipping options for individual listings?

Facebook Marketplace allowed sellers to enable or disable shipping options for individual listings. This flexibility is a valuable feature, as it allows you to tailor your selling approach based on the specific item and your preferences. Here’s how you can enable or disable shipping options for individual listings:

Access Facebook Marketplace: Log in to your Facebook account and go to Facebook Marketplace, either through the Facebook app or website.

Create or Edit a Listing: You can create a new listing by clicking “Create New Listing” or edit an existing one by selecting the listing you want to modify.

Delivery Preferences: In the listing details, you’ll find the “Delivery method” section. Here, you can choose whether to enable or disable shipping for the specific item. Check the “Shipping” option to enable it or uncheck it to disable shipping.

Save Changes: After adjusting the delivery preferences for this individual listing, save your changes by clicking the “Save” or “Post” button.

This capability allows you to have a mix of listings, some with shipping options enabled and others with shipping disabled. It’s particularly useful if you have a variety of items for sale, each with different shipping considerations. However, always check the latest Facebook Marketplace policies and features, as platform functionalities may change over time.

How To Turn Off Shipping On Facebook Marketplace When Selling


The ability to turn off shipping options on Facebook Marketplace when selling is a practical and versatile feature that empowers sellers to tailor their approach to their preferences and the nature of their items. By disabling shipping, you can create a selling experience that is centered around local connections, convenience, and simplicity.

The benefits of this option are numerous. You can foster stronger community ties by engaging with local buyers who appreciate the ease of in-person pickups. This often translates to faster transactions, lower costs, and a more straightforward selling process. Plus, avoiding shipping complexities, such as packaging and tracking, can save you time and effort.

Turning off shipping options also provides a layer of financial security since you can opt for cash payments or local payment methods, reducing the risk associated with online transactions. Additionally, it aligns with sustainable practices by minimizing the environmental impact of long-distance shipping.

The ability to control shipping preferences for individual listings empowers sellers to cater to a variety of items and their specific requirements. Whether you prefer local interactions or occasional shipping, Facebook Marketplace’s flexibility ensures that your selling experience is customizable and user-friendly.